December 13: New Moon: New Light

new moon
december 13, 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius
@ 21 Sagittarius 45
December 13, 2013
@ 3:41 AM EST

Moon is at Perigee (closest to the Earth)
December 12, 2012
@ 11:14 PM EST

A Flash of Light – Are we ready to OPEN our eyes? Or are we in for a rude awakening?

At high tide and in Sagittarius, it’s the last New Moon of 2012. Is this a portal to the next dimension of civilization – or just another New Moon? Yes!




Tides will be especially high since the New Moon is only 3 hrs and 25 min after the exact Perigee (Moon @ 15 Sag 45). This is not a SUPERMoon because it’s a New Moon – we don’t see New Moons – yet since the Moon is closer to the Earth, energy is heightened. Sensitive people will feel the energetics of the Sagittarius New Moon as pulsing waves of excitement, optimism, and good will.

Ruler Jupiter remains at the YOD focal point with Saturn-sextile-Pluto as the base of the triangle. The YOD to Jupiter becomes even more exact at the coming Winter Solstice, 12/21/12. So not only will the Earth align with the enter of the Milky Way, there is a long-term and exact YOD to Jupiter at Solstice. This is fate at the highest level. But we’re spiritually in sync and ready. Right?

New Moon @ Mercury/Pluto midpoint points to messages from emphatic speakers, with winning ways powerful enough to twist your arm to do something you’re resisting. Is it a con job, or an inside job?! Marketing can also be effective for career and personal recognition as a path to personal enlightenment. Mercury is also square Neptune – confusion is possible, deception is likely. And since Mercury is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, while Neptune is in Pisces, formerly ruled by Jupiter, this is an especially potent time for make-believe – especially the kind designed to delude and confuse rather than entertain. YEt, we can see past the haze.

Mercury is @ 3 Sag 04, just over one degree from its last Retrograde station degree (4 Sag 18) on Election Day, Nov 6 – we are officially out of the “Mercury Rx shadow.” Before Mercury stationed Rx on Nov 6, it was ONE degree from an exact trine to Uranus. Now the trine will happen.

Big changes often happen with no planning.

There are times we break through the haze of distorted beliefs designed to confuse the truth. Now, on this New Moon before Solstice, Mercury is still square Neptune – and quickly approaching a trine to Uranus – as Uranus stations DIRECT (3 1/2 hours after the New Moon is exact on December 13). We can mega blast thinking forward by making new decisions. To do this, be open to intuition, science, technology, trade, travel, networks and connections. New groups can share new ideas that stimulate new thinking – in an instant. Circulation goes quantum. Open your mind and share your new and updated originality. Upgrade before you are upgraded;-!

Mercury @ 3 Sag is at the May 20 Solar Eclipse point [NNode @ 5 Sag 02] and square the Solar Eclipse [Sun&Moon @ 0 Gem 20]. This means Mercury has returned to a potent trigger point in the chart. This can go 2 ways – and probably will. Some will will be open & able to plug in and use the new information being received – while others will try to close it down and deny the changes.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Jupiter is Retrograde in Gemini, and Mercury in Sagittarius is back in mutual Reception with Jupiter (like they were on Election Day). We are at a big decision point. In the days ahead leading up to Winter Solstice, we need to be aligning with our truth, setting our compass on finding and living our true faith and joy. THe portal is open. Here. And Now.

new moon
december 13, 2012

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4 thoughts on “December 13: New Moon: New Light

  1. Wow! Heartbreaking how the universe can align, and a weak person can go berserk, perhaps from the influence. Even more when considered those actions have influenced an entire nation and will undoubtedly lead to political debate/legislation. If I have one wish for the New Year it would be that people paid more attention to how the mentally ill are treated than they did to their guns. Until there are more resources for the care of the mentally, both medically and within the social spectrum, tragedies such as this week’s will continue to happen. In my state the mentally ill are usually allowed freedom until they break the law, and then are treated minimally once they are in prison.

    • Thanks for posting this Eleanor. I always look at the chart first. At 9:30 AM EST in Newtown CT, the Moon was conjunct Pluto – this has to do with his mother issues – and also power and control as they influence emotions and manifest actions, as Moon-Pluto in Capricorn sextiles (Cap ruler) Saturn – exactly. There is a strong Scorpio influence in this chart, with Saturn, Pluto and Mars playing prominent roles (Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception), so this points to something hidden coming into public awareness. It’s ok to have a conversation about gun control, and shifting the word to ‘rights’ only serves to cover and confuse important issues. To stop the dysfunctional behavior, we need to change our dysfunctional values and beliefs. Step ONE is to look at ourselves, without blame or anger. If all we want are instant answers and someone to blame, we are already off the cliff. Finger pointing is going to make that upcoming YOD to Jupiter in the Solstice chart into a fearsome FATE. We don’t have to let that happen…. We are in a shift time, we can continue separating issues and pointing fingers… Which has gotten us, well, here. Or we can start to have a realistic, honest discussion that does not use threats and demonizing to force and coerce. Peace on Earth. If we choose it, not if we don’t. FREE will.
      (More on the YOD to Jupiter in the last few posts and my upcoming Winter Solstice post…)

    • No matter what my impulses = i always check the chart first.

      What happened on Friday is sadly an appropriate display of the Solstice chart for the NY area – Uranus in Aries directly, exactly through the IC. From this tragedy, we can either take it out to a full-scale earthquake armageddon, or we can create peace on earth. I’m guessing the profit, not prophet, motive will create all-out chaos. And everyone will say, we just went through this. But we don’t get to make those decisions. There’s a point our threats are what they always are – empty. Can we get real? We have a few days….
      ANd thanks for your comments. Too bad support is too way lite to continue. It’s been 16 years, and I can no longer commit to not making a living. I understand. But…

  2. Thanks for the reminder Lauren. I strive for peace on Earth, but find my own internal struggle is always raging. Thank you for writing ArtCharts and sharing your knowledge. An asset in any season!

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