TOTAL Lunar Eclipse: revival

TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
Friday, July 27, 2018
@ 4:20 PM EDT
Moon @ 4 Aquarius 44
Sun @ 4 Leo 44
Saros Cycle 129

Mars Rx @ 3 Aquarius 58
South Lunar Node 5 Aquarius 53
North Lunar Node 5 Leo 53

Uranus (@ 2 Taurus 30) squares the FULL MOON

This is a WILD Full Moon – with enough teeth to take a big bite. And this is not the first bite!

The FULL MOON is conjunct Mars and square Uranus, and this will continue to intensify through August 1. And once Mars stations Direct, it will happen again on September 18. So the explosions will continue for another month plus.

This can have an especially strong effect if you have planets or points at 4-6 degrees of any of the FIXED signs, especially Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and also Scorpio.

Why are there so many outbursts? Even the weather here is nothing but pop up thunderstorms for over a week. (As above, so below) Not to mention the politics. Getting past the “old stuff” is not going to be easy, and surprise upsets can throw you back.

You may find yourself going through you own personal revolution as you shake loose (or try to) from the past. Hold on! Mars is now RETROGRADE, and Mercury stationed RETROGRADE yesterday (July 26 – August 19). Once Mars is Direct and passes this Eclipse point again in late September, Mercury will also be direct and things that are stalled now can start to happen. Perhaps your revolution, and future potential, will come from old or even ancient methods that have been undercover and are making a comeback. (I’m fermenting!) What are you thinking about reviving?

Reinvent, revive, rebirth, regenerate…

Aquarius and Uranus rule politics, and the Moon represents The People. And so we find a hot political climate that can become very personal (the Moon), even seeming to eclipse the will of the people. Political situations are mirrors of ourselves, if we choose to look. I understand the aversion. I’m fascinated, so my research will continue (no worries, i won’t share;-).

Chart for the TOTAL Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on July 27 (in NYC):

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