Scorpio: the courage to give AND receive


As we dive into Scorpio this year, both rulers of Scorpio – Mars (old) and Pluto (modern) are trine each other. Venus – Jupiter – and Mars are currently conjunct – you can see them in the pre-dawn sky. and there’s a SUPER Full Moon in Taurus – giving us easy access to the deep, magnetic powers of Scorpio.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio is the end of a cycle of growth. Harvest season is almost over. And as the days grow shorter and we complete this year’s growing cycle, we also look within ourselves, our human nature, to coincide with the flow of nature.

It’s Autumn. As the leaves fall, they cover the ground and sometimes clog the drain pipes, blocking the Earth from receiving rain water. The flow can get blocked.

Are we moving with the cycles? Or, like the leaves in the drainpipe, are we feeling blocked and unable to manifest our dreams and visions?

This Full Moon in Taurus – with the Sun in Scorpio – is a beautiful time to release the resistance you hold to the flow of giving AND receiving.

In almost every culture on Earth, we are taught at a very early age that it is better to give than to receive.

If we receive without giving – something good enough – someone may think we’re selfish.

So we learn to earn to receive. We’re not really giving because we want to – and even if we are – we give with the expectation it will earn us what we want in return.

We give to be considered good people, to be liked, to earn money, to get something we want.

And while this may sound like a good deal, it is conditional giving and stops the flow of manifestation. When receiving is perceived as selfish, we stop our flow.

If you think that you HAVE TO give, your energy is quickly depleted. Try saying it to yourself. I HAVE TO do this. Then try saying, i WANT TO do this. Feel the difference in the energy flow.

The thing is – most of us ENJOY giving. We get energized when we give. But our energy gets depleted when giving is expected or forced. Even when we WANT to give, our feeling that we HAVE to give can deplete our energy and we can find ourselves giving out of guilt or fear. We feel manipulated, a common strategy of Scorpio

Another thing that keeps us from receiving is receiving itself. To be OPEN to receive, we have to be vulnerable. Scorpio is careful about being vulnerable, so our ego steps in, reminding us that, whatever is being offered, we can give ourselves something better. Why lose power to someone giving us something when we can do it ourselves?

Since the ego looks forward to the next moment, this stops flow, which is happening NOW.

Receiving can also bring up old feelings of guilt and shame. What if we don’t deserve what is being given to us? Again, the belief we have to earn to receive stops the flow.

If you’re not sure if someone expects something in return for what they give, you can try to ask them. When you give, do YOU expect something in return? Or is it “clean,” unforced giving with no pressure or strings attached? Try to be clear.

Remember – it’s ok to say NO if it’s something you don’t want, whether or not something is expected of you in return.

If the answer is no, that’s fine – unless you take NO personally. Keep it light so you can give and receive without shutting out the world.

Scorpio needs to connect – deeply. It is a sign of intimate partnership. And blocking the play of giving and receiving shuts out the magic and can make you lonely.

Give what you can – without depleting your energy. Let it flow freely, easily, and keep your energy moving so you can attract all the magic and wonderful things you want – and even what you never imagined you wanted.

Chart for the Full Moon on October 27, 2015 (in NYC):
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