Divine awareness for the GOVT SHUTDOWN: Saturn-Mercury-Nodes-Uranus

There’s a powerful astro pattern forming now. Will it bring a resolution to the current shutdown, or a more entrenched standoff? Will we stretch our minds or will we stretch reality to make up facts? Our awareness can make a difference….

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Transits of October 5 – 8 are the time to make a serious decision. We, the People, have a choice – shut down or take our responsibilities seriously. Can we make compromises – or will we take an extreme stand to maintain the past and be unwilling to make any change. Powerful influences behind closed doors can help to move & share energy & power, and indirectly the will of the people can also encourage sharing & change – unless opinions are too fixed & extreme to explore & experience the reality of the choices we have. So, where is our awareness? Do we refuse to compromise, or are we open to it?

Are we ready to explore, or would we rather continue to repeat the same phrases that keep us securely entrenched in the same limiting thought patterns. If we refuse to explore our options, we remain in the same mindset. There is divine assistance to lift ourselves, to stretch our minds – but no matter how much guidance is available, we have to choose it. We can’t hold on to patterns of adolescent dominance and come to an adult group agreement. We can choose to heal and love. Or – we can keep our minds closed and continue all our problems, continue to force others to bend to our will, to dominate and live in fear of domination. What could life be like if we consciously stretched ourselves to live in our brilliance? We don’t have to choose freedom, we can live in the same mindset that has brought us to a shutdown.

If you do choose to stretch beyond resistance & denial, how can you share your talents & gifts to create more love & connections? We have a choice to be open – or to close down.

We need to make adjustments, corrections. But can we stretch enough to grow, or are we going to hold on to power no matter the cost? This Saturn-Uranus quincunx is literally a choice to use our resources for shared health – or to withhold our resources for personal power.

The key is to take small steps. See how it goes, see what it is, how it works, and let it grow. Cutting off our resources before even seeing what they are will keep us stuck at a time when we CAN grow.

Vesta is also quincunx Uranus (and sextile Saturn), inspiring us to a new vision of sharing our wealth & resources compassionately, and promising an abundant return for what we share.

For example, despite the govt shutdown, NASA fired the spacecraft LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) into orbit on the morning of October 6, 2013 to study the Lunar atmosphere. Learn more at NASA or spaceweather.com.

(Mercury-Saturn-NorthNode conjunct and quincunx Uranus and sextile Pluto)

This chart only shows the Mercury-Saturn-Node conjunction inconjunct Uranus, sextile Pluto:

I thought the medium-size chart looked perfect, and you can click on it to make it larger. Or, use the + command on your keyboard. Or, here is the larger version. Again, this is ONLY the aspects i refer to in this blog. This chart specifically shows the connection between Mercury-Saturn-NorthNode and Uranus, also Pluto since it is sextile Mercury&Uranus (chart cast for NYC because that is where i am located):

The Saturn-Uranus quincunx (a/k/a inconjunct) started in November, 2012. the last Saturn-Uranus conjunction was in 1988 and the Saturn-Uranus opposition was in November 2008. When this quincunx started in 2012, we created the structure (Saturn) to extend healthcare (quincunx) to all citizens (Uranus). At this last pass, are we ready to extend our resources and make the adjustments – symbolized by the quincunx aspect – that will provide health coverage to everyone? The next Saturn-Uranus conjunction is June 2032 in Gemini.

Yes, dear friends, this is a tough stretch. Many of us will resist and that resistance can turn into negative words and thoughts. So i will repost what i posted today on facebook: “Uranus is doing its job when it stirs up our minds.” Uranus represents the groupmind, the culture, and for many of us, it is changing. Or, we have the potential to change in a way we have not had previously.

Here is what i posted on facebook (or you can visit artcharts facebook page):

“getting free of old beliefs is a big challenge! you are both a spark of divine light – and part of the whole of society. our beliefs make us unique individuals. they are healthy boundaries – yet they also limit us. Uranus is also Rx (retrograde), so the illusion is that we are going backwards. we are moving past old limiting biases and the quincunxes, showing change, is a stretch, like yoga, that can be uncomfortable.”


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