New Moon in Virgo: golden opportunity for lightworkers

sunsetskyline-9-2-13NYC @ sunset. Photo courtesy of Bobby William

New Moon in Virgo
September 5, 2013
@ 7:36 AM EDT
Moon 13 Virgo 04
Sun 13 Virgo 04

Sun & Moon are conjunct in Virgo
VIrgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is also in Virgo

This is a very VIRGO New Moon – it is also sextile JUPITER – planet of opportunities –
providing abundant golden opportunities to WORK.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

New Moons are HIDDEN. This means we can easily miss the golden light of opportunity this VIRGO New Moon is offering.

Generously, Jupiter provides us with the key. Jupiter reminds us to be POSITIVE. Going negative will automatically cancel your golden opportunities.

That includes excessive judgment, criticism, should’s, supposed-to’s, ‘jokes’ that put others down, sarcasm, doubts, lack of appreciation. Check yourself BEFORE you think, speak, and share negative thoughts if you want to in-joy a flow of positive abundance.

Jupiter moves us towards the future. As the New Moon approaches a sextile (helpful aspect) to Jupiter – we are reminded that the future remains unwritten – every day, our choices – our thoughts, beliefs, actions – create our future. Jupiter reminds us of our unlimited possibilities…. WE CAN change if we see the potentials and make new decisions.

In Virgo, with ruler Mercury also in Virgo, this is a time to start a shadow career as DNA in the pineal is being activated. If you are avidly studying a subject that excites you now, this is likely to become a new career, or at least an adjunct career. Lean into it!

New access to the subconscious is becoming available, which is how the ‘shadow’ career comes into being.
Dreams can serve to work through negativity memories from past relationships so you can re-create relationships in a positive way for the present, thereby releasing old memories that have held you back.

Most of all, this New Moon is an opportunity to move from sadness to compassion, appreciation, and joy.

The NEW MOON is opposing Chiron – making this a golden opportunity to ascend to a higher level and heal.

The upcoming FULL MOON in Virgo-Pisces on September 19 promises deep serious love. Don’t flirt if you don’t intend to be serious.

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