New Moon in Gemini: spinning circles

New Moon in Gemini
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
@ 2:40 PM EDT
Sun & Moon at 7 Gemini 21

This is the New Moon in Gemini – a time you can spin your wheels.

As you spin your wheels, you create patterns – which can become crystal clear over the next month.

There are 2 astrological events happening at the New Moon. The only things they have in common is timing. Their patterns do not overlap. And that can give us perspective and healing…

    1- Sun and Moon are in the exact same place in the sky – or conjunct. Both Sun and Moon are square Neptune.

    2- There’s a beautiful Grand Trine with a Kite – a pattern that indicates a high level of success. And there’s a YOD.




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New Moon is in Gemini and ruler Mercury is at the very end of Gemini – increasing the power of Gemini. Mercury will enter Cancer the day after the New Moon, on May 29.

– BUT – Mecury will only get a short distance into Cancer before turning Retrograde and moving back into Gemini. Talk is brilliant and informative, networking is fast and far-reaching. Yet, talk goes in circles, often leading you back to where you started.

Mercury Rx has a mission – it doesn’t want us to overlook important information. When we are thinking, talking, moving too fast, Mercury in the sky gets ahead of the Sun, and asks us to come ‘back down to Earth,’ as Mercury literally conjuncts the Earth at the midpoint of the Retrograde station.

At the New Moon, both Sun and Moon square Neptune. We are open to deceptions. What we think, believe, worship may be an illusion. Any inner emotional disturbances can manifest as distortions in how we perceive ‘reality.’ Fantasy – high gloss cartoon imagination – can be mistaken for actual imagination which comes from a higher dimension and includes enough detail to become real.

Meanwhile, unrelated yet simultaneously, there is a Grand Trine with a Kite. Also – a YOD from Juno and Chiron to Vesta&Ceres – currently traveling together in Libra. (Vesta & Ceres are both currently Retrograde, with Mars approaching in July; Chiron and Juno are sextile, forming the base of the triangle, or YOD).
Both patterns – The Grand Trine/Kit and the YOD – contain Goddess Asteroids. To overlook them is to overlook the perspective and healing wisdom of the authentic feminine.

This is an opportunity to SEE – to identify and observe – your patterns, themes that repeat in your life. These are the patterns that you continually get snagged by, the limiting beliefs, judgments, emotions that you continually come up against throughout your life. Scenarios repeat, one after another….

As Mercury stations Rx, you can review how these patterns are created. To be increase your ability to manifest, take the time to journal. Write down your patterns, include as many details as possible. Not to dwell in them, but to realize how they function – what sets you off – so you can release them. And the key – don’t forget to envision a new pattern, where you break free of the old patterns that you have continually repeated.

How can you tell if you have changed your patterns? Or need to? This pointed out by the YOD to Juno – RELATIONSHIPS.

It is in relationships that you see your patterns, going back to childhood, teen, young adult, through now. It can be a love relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a friendship, family, co-worker, business partner – anyone you are in relationship with can reveal the patterns you create and re-create. It can even be your relationship to your work, career, art form. Any relationship that brings up your inner insecurities, hurt feelings, past doubts, can activate unresolved emotions that continually get replayed as patterns. You can blame the other person, or you can look at what ATTRACTS you to the person, what they bring up for you, and how that activates old patterns to replay. Again…

This is NOT about deciding if the other person is to blame, worthy enough, evolved or good enough. You can’t ‘blame up,’ but you can GROW up. If you don’t see your patterns, you are likely to continue to repeat them…

If you do not grow, you will repeat old patterns because every time you achieve a new level of success, and you have not grown, you will still be the same person with the same fears and your new success will disappear. This is why growth is so vital for your fulfillment and success.

This is about recognizing YOUR responses. How YOU react when your patterns are activated. This New Moon in Gemini, as ruler Mercury prepares to station Retrograde, is an opportunity to see this CLEARLY – through your relationships (KITE to Juno, the relationship goddess asteroid).

Over the coming Mercury Retrograde, you can retrace the roots of your patterns. And if you are willing to take this growth opportunity by accepting the challenges and doing the inner work, you can reach a new level where you can drop your old patterns, and all the emotions attached to them, and move on to creating more loving relationships. The month ahead is an awesome gift to work past resistance and move into your flow of love.

Chart for the New Moon in Gemini (in NYC):
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Chart for the GRAND TRINE/KITE and YOD:
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