Love Your Light: Full Harvest Moon + Fall Equinox + Saturn/NorthNode

Love Your Light by Lauren Edmond/ © 2013
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This is a major week for astrological events. Saturn conjuncts the North Node, Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo, and Fall Equinox on Sunday, September 22.

Watch for the big orange pumpkin Moon rising at sunset, the effect of the Full Moon and Equinox occurring simultaneously.

As Saturn conjuncts the Lunar North Node, we have an opportunity to use all our experiences as learning tools and co-write our ‘fate’ – or – we can hold firm to our usual positions and let fate take it course. What happens now will intensify with the Full Moon, Equinox and coming Eclipses. And continue until the next Saturn-North Node conjunction in 2025.

The SATURN-NORTH NODE conjunction is historically significant. So I wrote about the Saturn-NorthNode conjunction when it first went into effect on September 10 – as Saturn entered 8 Scorpio – the same degree as the True North Node. Please refer to Saturn in September for more insights and timing of this momentous, historic alignment.

The Pisces Full MOON makes no major aspects other than the opposition to the SUN. After the FULL Moon, both the Moon and Sun become void-of-course (make no other aspects until changing signs). The Pisces Moon’s ruler Neptune also makes no major aspects to any planet. With the Full Moon and the Equinox Sun making no exact major aspects, we are free of interference and can transmute energy. We can move beyond the idea that being without and struggling to survive makes us better people and closer to God. If we are attuned and intuitive, we can receive new information from the Full Pisces Moon – a divine, spiritual, enlightened more compassionate frequency. Neptune is in a wide sesquisquare to Jupiter. And Jupiter, the old ruler of Pisces, is activated.

The most active aspect in this chart is Mercury square Jupiter, the idea of diplomacy is idealistic and optimistic – yet there are challenges in working out the details. To reap the harvest that is ours, we will need to awaken from our fear-based consciousness. We can heal, ourselves and our planet, but we must awaken. And be patient because many will have be challenged to use our thoughts and words to move beyond low-vibrations blocks of fear. to transmute the block of abundance – bless the flow of money, food, and everything we need to live on Earth – and especially the things that bring more light into our lives, because those are the gifts that truly create the flow of abundance in our lives.

On this Harvest Moon, do we believe there is never enough for everyone, or do we believe in the flow of abundance? Instead of a flood of fear, we can create the flow of infinite abundance.

Jupiter sesquisquare Neptune and square Mercury shows a lot of anxious, distorted energy. Greater commitment to your spiritual self will stabilize the physical realm as well as the spiritual. To gain spiritual access, we will need to tune in to the higher frequencies and activate our compassion center.

Venus is at the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint. On a personal level, love and appreciation are what we need to inspire us to act out of our compassion, and raise our vibrations.

Venus is also conjunct the North Node (and Saturn) this week. This is yet another indication that LOVE and COOPERATION make everyone more successful. Share how you feel – and watch your love expand and evolve.

Fall Equinox is Sunday. The SUN @ 0 Libra does what the Full Moon did – makes no close major aspects to other planets. At a time when connections mean everything, there are none. The Sun’s ruler Venus is in Scorpio – opposing the Moon in Taurus. There is a split between cooperation and competition. We may be sensitive and desire strong connections, yet emotions can separate us. Do your emotions connect you with others, or highlight differences, create more tension, and alienate. Hopefully some shared love and energy will inspire more transformational information on the Equinox.

The chart for FALL Equinox – on the US East Coast – shows extreme wind. Are we creating more hurricanes with indecision? Do we have a conscious choice? The weather ruler is Gemini ruled by Mercury. Mercury is at 20 Libra, both Gemini and Libra (Sun enters Libra at Equinox) are AIR planets. Mercury is sextile Mars, indicating the winds can easily be strengthened. Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra, and Venus is in Scorpio, a WATER sign, and conjunct Saturn. This shows the potential for heavy rain. These are all strong signs of heavy wind accompanied by rain. This suggests conditions ripe for hurricanes, since it is the season. It also shows our power and purpose. What are we going to do with it?

Full Moon chart:
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Sharing your energy is a blessing

Fall Equinox chart for NYC:
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