Sun enters Virgo: Proud Service

The Sun enters Virgo
August 22, 2013 @ 7:02 PM EDT

As the Sun enters Virgo, it will conjunct the fixed star REGULUS. This is the first time this has occurred in 26,000 years.

Fixed stars move very slowly (one degree in 72 years). Part of the 2012 SHIFT was the entrance of REGULUS into VIRGO. (Regulus entered Leo in 156 BC)

Regulus is one of the 4 ROYAL stars, all currently moving from FIXED to MUTABLE signs (Fomalhut – moving from Aquarius to Pisces, Antares – moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Aldebaran – moving from Taurus to Gemini). These are the FIXED stars that are the pillars of the 4 directions of the zodiac – making this shift from the FIXED signs into the MUTABLE signs even more significant.* We are moving away from a dominant male power base and into a feminine healing-based society, as Earth-sign VIRGO the Virgin represents holistic healing, women, herbs, small animals.

This is a time to be proud of your service.

We can shed our ego-based reality and embrace humility and compassion, resourcefulness and efficiency. How can we use our resources more respectfully and efficiently? We can start to focus on what we can GIVE instead of how much we can TAKE.

It is also a time you can learn how to be of service to the world, and even to shift how you are of service.

Those of us with planets or points at 0 Virgo are being called to DIVINE service.

(Now i appreciate my Moon at 0 Virgo!)

Virgo can also be judgmental and highly critical, and these energies can lower your vibrations and make you susceptive to negative thoughts and experiences. But since this is Virgo, as you become aware of your increased judgments you can release, refocus, and heal any damaged caused by excessive judgment and criticism.

Virgo is also discerning, making it easier to solve difficult problems and heal what was previously considered incurable. We are SHIFTING.

*Don’t confuse the FIXED stars with the FIXED signs. Stars are called FIXED because they move slowly in relation to the planets. The FIXED signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.



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