Mercury in Leo: playdate for your heart

Just a short message to remind everyone….

Mercury enters Leo on Thursday, August 8, 2013.




Due to its last Retrograde station (June 26 – July 20) ~ Mercury has been floating in Cancer since May 31.

And now – drumroll – Mercury is moving on to Leo (applause) – where your mind can laugh and dance and play in the sun.

Do it!

Breathe deep, relax, center your energy in your heart, the place Leo loves to be.

Step it up, show your colors, gather to play and pray.

When you glow, you are truly beautiful.

Let your heart-shine radiate out its golden light….

And don’t forget to refill your light body with GOLDEN light.

Remember to share your love!

This is MERCURY in Leo – if you can’t BE THERE, you can send your love. It will be there in a heartbeat!


Artcharts will take a break for heart-centered fun&love&healing while Mercury is in Leo…

Mercury enters Virgo August 23 when Mercury will remind us to put our renewed heart energy into our work and service.

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