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Townley Composite Report
by John Townley
Your Relationship has its own dynamics. This report is a comprehensive guide to the patterns you create--together. learn more...

Artcharts Guide to Love and Romance

Is LOVE in your future?

Introduction to Synastry Astrology
Introduction to Composite Astrology

Since astrology works so well, you may wonder how you can use astrology to find your true love. The great news is that YOU CAN! Whether you'd like to know if the person you're with now *THE ONE* or if you'll meet your special someone soon, astrology can answer your questions. And if you're already in a happy relationship and want to get married, doing that on the right day can make all the difference between living happily ever after or winding up in divorce court. Astrology shows where you can fly together, and astrology can also pinpoint the areas of difficulty and where your relationship may need work.

People generally want to know about their Sun signs, and think that astrology doesn't work because people you *should* be compatible with, you're not, and those you must avoid, are the ones you're falling in love with. Are you crazy or masochistic? No, just misinformed. Sun signs don't mean much in the astrology of relationships. If you want to find love in your charts, start by looking for the planet of relationships, Venus, in your chart and the charts of your lovers, friends, associates, or prospective partners. Then you look for interconnections of Venus to Jupiter and Neptune if you want a happy and fulfilling relationship, and to Chiron as well if you're looking for a happy and long marriage. Not all contacts are as potent as others. Conjunctions are the strongest and trines make everything better, but squares can signify problems and Saturn contacts can be problems or show the potential for manipulation and control. Every relationship will have some squares and some Saturn contacts, but that doesn't necessarily mean to run away. Relationships, by their very nature, imply some limitations or there would be no concept of commitment.

To find out more about the astrology of relationships, here's an Introduction to Synastry and an Introduction to Composite. These are 2 ways of comparing charts. Synastry compares 2 charts, while Composite creates 1 chart from the 2 charts, creating a new chart that characterizes your relationship.

To really know more or to find a perfect date for something as important as your wedding, I suggest a personal reading. I have extensive compatibility information and experience that I'd love to share it with you so that you can find your true love, or keep the one you have growing and deepening.

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