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ArtCharts 2016 Monthly Astrology Calendar

Current Planetary Positions | 2016 Retrograde stations | 2016 Eclipses | 2016 Ephemerides


Download a FREE 2016 Astrology Calendar as a pdf. This calendar includes Moon Void-of-Course times - and - high mental & physical energy days.

2016 Calendar - Eastern time

2016 Calendar - Central time

2016 Calendar - Mountain time

2016 Calendar - Pacific time

2016 Calendar - London - GMT

Tips for using your Astrology Calendar:
1- read the symbols using artcharts LEGEND
2- days in RED are for physical energy, days in GREEN are for mental energy
3- you can download a Calendar to your computer

Great idea!!! Purchase your PERSONALIZED 2016 Astrology Calendar here
- includes all aspects TO your birth chart - also your progressed and solar-arc-direction aspects.
Only $10.00 US
City or town for your personalized Calendar:

All contributions joyously accepted

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