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Indra Report
This interpretation of the birth chart is very comprehensive and in-depth. The Indra Report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite view of your life. More...

All About Moon Phases
moon phases | void of course moon

The Moon's phases are determined by the Moon's constantly changing relationship to the Sun. There are eight (8) Moon cycles, dividing the circle into eight 45 degree angles. The cycle starts with the New Moon, which is the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun (0 degrees of separation). The 2nd phase is the (waxing) Crescent Moon, which is a separating angle of 45 degrees, or a semisquare angle. The 3rd phase is the First Quarter Moon, when the Sun and Moon are 90 degrees apart. The 4th phase is the (waxing) Gibbous Moon phase, a separating angle of 135 degrees, also called sesquiquadrate. The 5th phase is the Full Moon, or 180 degree separation. At this point, the Sun and Moon start to approach again. The 6th phase is the Disseminating Moon (or waning Gibbous) phase, an approaching angle of 135 degrees. The 7th phase is the Last Quarter Moon, an approaching square angle of 90 degrees. The last and 8th phase is the Balsamic Moon (or waning Crescent) phase, when the Moon approaches the Sun at a 45 degree angle.

Here are links to explanations of the Moon phases.
New Moon
Crescent Moon
First Quarter Moon
Gibbous Moon
Full Moon
Disseminating Moon
Last Quarter Moon
Balsamic Moon

What is a Void-Of-Course Moon?
The Moon becomes Void Of Course (VOC) after making the last major ptolemic aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) to a planet and until entering the next sign.** Traditional astrology will tell you not to sign on the dotted line or make major decisions when the Moon is VOC. This is NOT the time to shop till you drop or impulse buy. Whatever detail work you do now might have to be redone later. Astrological aspects represent incoming stimuli and when there is nothing incoming, it's time to look inside yourself for answers. Get in touch with your inner process and emotions. Let the lunar or right-brain energy guide you through the VOC Moon. This is the time the Moon asks us to slow down and exist intuitively instead of in the usual do-it-now worldly linear rational mode. This is also the time that it's possible to have invaluable insights and gain the spark of inspiration that will give you the energy boost you'll need very soon.

**Astrologers have various definitions of void of course planets. The method used on this website is the most currently accepted.

Charts for this site are cast using Eastern Time, Tropical Zodiac, Placidus House System, True Lunar Node, a 3 degree orb (small so you can see what's happening), Geocentric, unless otherwise noted.

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