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Aspect Patterns
Grand Trines | T-Squares | Grand Squares | Yods

What is an Aspect Pattern?
When several aspects occur in the same chart (or simultaneously), they can create larger aspect patterns. Instead of one aspect, several planets in aspect can create a larger aspect pattern. These larger patterns can signify a complex personality pattern, referred to by psychologists as "complexes".

Aspect patterns have a major influence on your personality and character by creating greater ease or resistance. They can also be set off and stepped up by transiting and progressed planets. A natal trine may become a Grand Trine whenever a third planet enters the part of the zodiac that trines both planets already in trine. A T-Square can become a Grand Square, and a sextile can become a Yod. This can also happen in relation to other people and their planets can form larger aspect patterns with yours. Having these aspects together can create feelings of immediate rapport and significant relationship dynamics or something you are both attracted to work on or understand.

Grand Trines
When 2 planets make a trine (120 degree angle), and there is a 3rd planet that also makes trines to both planets, this triangle is called a Grand Trine. Imagine a planet at 0 degrees Aries, another at 0 Leo and a 3rd at 0 Sagittarius, and this is a Grand Trine. The 3 planets that make up a Grand Trine are usually in the same ELEMENT. They don't have to be, as some aspects are very close, yet out-of-sign. However, the principle of a Grand Trine is that there or 3 (or more) planets trine each other in the same element. When you see a Grand Trine in a chart, it looks like a large triangle. A Grand Trine aspect pattern can create a feeling of ease and complacency because things seem to "just happen" seamlessly, without effort, friction, or force. This can signify a special talent or ability that appears effortless, but it can also signal a tendency to be lazy or complacent because things come so easily that there is nothing to prove and talent is never fully developed. Your tendency can be to leave the tough stuff for another day. With a Grand Trine, there's always tomorrow....

T-Squares and Grand Squares
When 3 planets square each other, they form a triangle called a T-Square. In a T-Square, there is one planet that squares 2 other planets that oppose each other. If you envision a planet at 0 degrees Aries with a planet square it from 0 Capricorn and another at 0 Cancer, this is a T-Square. If there is also a 4th planet in square with the others, for example a planet at 0 degrees Libra, this creates a Grand Square pattern.

A T-Square is a challenging aspect that signifies a struggle that intensifies and eventually leads to a resolution. While T-Square configurations are common, they signify an inherent challenge that forces growth or change that can lead to success in life. The focal planet, or planet that squares the opposing planets, is the key to the T-Square and shows where tension is most likely to show up. Conflict resolution may be aided by the missing or empty part of the Square (opposing the focal planet).

While T-Squares are often found in charts, Grand Squares are less common and often signify a weight to bear that keeps you on a short leash. It may seem like access is continuously denied and you are restricted to a small area where growth is only possible with discipline and hard work. For some reason or another, you are continually stressed and need to consciously maintain balance, always being forced to stick to the straight and narrow. Somehow, these people often learn to carry big loads and are capable of effectively handling large responsibilities. However, they can also feel overstressed and overburdened at times.

In a YOD pattern, 2 planets make a sextile, and they both make a quincunx (inconjunct or 150 degree aspect) to a 3rd planet, creating a triangle, or Yod. If you imagine a planet at 0 Aries and 2 planets sextile each other at 0 Virgo and 0 Scorpio, this is a Yod.

Yods are called the "finger of God" and have a connotation of being receptive to messages from higher states of consciousness. While Yods can be exotic and you can enjoy the adventure of feeling like a stranger in a strange land, you may also need to make consessions and be adaptive to unfamiliar situations when you have a Yod in your chart. It may be that you give in one direction and get your needs met from a completely different source, so it is not possible to measure how much others give you to decide how much you can give.

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