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Daily Moon Forecast
All the daily transits of the Moon to your chart. The most personalized daily horoscope available. More...

Moon in Gemini squares Sun in Pisces (First Quarter Moon)
Moon in Pisces squares Sun in Gemini (Last Quarter Moon)

During a Gemini-Pisces square, we can try too hard to name the unnameable, to speak the unspeakable, and the know the unknowable. Just keep talking....mental activity can help sort things out.

**First Quarter Moon phase**
Moon squares Sun

The Moon is the First Quarter Moon when it separates from the Sun (after a New Moon) at an angle of 90 degrees (square). This square (which looks like a half moon in the sky) asks us to take care of the small things that grow into big uncomfortable things. If tensions come up, it's because you need to look at some part of a relationship or emotional structure in your daily life that just isn't working right and may need more thought. The First Quarter Moon is the first aspect since the New Moon that asks us to look at our newly devised plans from a distance that gives us a first glimpse of objectivity. This can create a sensitive issue or it can give you the resolve necessary to make improvements and keep going.

For a discussion on the phases of the Moon, visit artcharts Moon Astrology.

**Last Quarter Moon phase**
The Moon squares the Sun (at an approaching angle of) 90 degrees

The Last Quarter Moon is the exact point of the Moon squaring the Sun on the final arc of the lunar cycle. This aspect will amplify the parts of our lives that need balancing. Square up the little details that make you crazy when you neglect them. Finish up details of projects you started at the last New Moon. Sort out your harvest from the last Full Moon; decide what works and get rid of what doesn't.

For a discussion on the phases of the Moon, visit the artcharts Moon Astrology.

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