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Daily Moon Forecast
All the daily transits of the Moon to your chart. The most personalized daily horoscope available. More...

Gibbous Moon
Moon in Aquarius sesquisquare Sun in Libra
While you can be super friendly and outgoing during this Gibbous Moon phase, you may also become more aware of your desire for more intimate than superficial relationships. Meanwhile, you may enjoy connecting with people you normally think are too eccentric or unstable. Be ready to attract more people into your life, whether it's for friendship or career.

**Gibbous Moon phase**
The Moon sesquiquadrates the Sun (at a separating 135 degree angle)

As the Moon waxes brighter and larger, so does our ability to make quick mental connections and have inspired revelations. A heightened energy level increases the desire to contribute relevant and useful content to the culture. Flexibly devote yourself to what is meaningful to you.

For a discussion on the phases of the Moon, visit artcharts Learn Astrology.>.

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