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Would you like to know more about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problem, express your sexuality and heal? The Asteroid Report interprets the four major asteroids and Chiron in your birthchart, shedding light on these important areas of experience. More...

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These are literally a handful of the unsolicited emails we have received from our viewers over the last 8+ years. Thanks to everyone who has written:)

I love my report--it's comprehensive and yet detailed and sounds more personal than most of the other reports I've ordered in the past from other parts. Also, the report helped "connect the dots," unlike the others that just give very general overview of personality and aspects.

Thank you!

Your website is terrific. It is the most knowledgeable and thorough astrological website I have found.
Thank you,

Just a quick hello (you did my chart quite recently)
I will eternally value your advice.
Bonny, CT

Hi guys,
I just wanted to say how great the site is! I'm a Leo, and everything was very accurate.
regards, NK

I want to let you know that I have found this website to be very interesting and useful! I love it and visit it daily! Thank you for being here!

Dear Lauren,
I discovered your site recently, and find it delightful. What I really enjoy about your site is the openness of your political views, which I share. I just wanted to thank you again for all your great astrological info.

Your site is my favorite astrology site on the net, and I've been very pleased with the reports I've purchased! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.
LW Austin,TX

Good site. Well done.
And Lauren is quite attractive.
Keep up with the good work.

Dear Ms. Edmond,
I really enjoy your site, I've been reading it every day since I found it ! Its the best and most complete astrology site I've ever seen.

Artcharts is without a doubt the best astrological site on the internet. Thank you. It is obvious that you take this work quite seriously - not the run of the mill.
Many thanks. Sally

Wow, what a fantastic site. Thank you so much. I'm starting to learn now after following my horoscope for the last 30 years, and your site is a wealth of info, for learning and for finding out the current situations.
Thanks again,

How glad am I that I came across this thorough, detailed, serious & amazing site in my travels throughout the internet looking for a good astrological site???? Extremely happy! I read it for months feeling guilty that it was so excellent and free, too.
So many thanks every day!

Hi Lauren!
Enjoy your site and readings so much. My sister has been devoted to you for a very long time; she has bought me birthday readings, personal chart, etc., which I have enjoyed. Thanks so much! Please keep up the good work. Just love your site!
Yours truly,

Thank You for your time and Good luck, you are the best and most complete astrology site on the net!

Lauren Their are a lot of philosophical sights out their that really have no content......I found your sight by accident.....I search the web all the time for astrology sights & I have never come across your sight before.....You have some of the best content I have ever seen on a sight....I like your reports and think they are worth the value.

Hi, I dont normally send out email, but I was quite taken by how great your info is. Not just another soothsayer but you are educational and very professional.

You are a wonderful astrologer and your insights are sometimes uncanny. I love your assessments of the world scene and find your artcharts very valuable.

Lauren....your astro site is incredible....i just discovered you this week and immediately added you to my favorites, right beside the weather and my inbox. I appreciate the information so much...the detail...the insight...the "ah-ha" moments it brings. Again thank you for sharing your gift. Peace be with you...josie

Thanks for an excellent all round site. In my opinion it's the best astrology site on the web and I don't bother with any others.

just wanted to thank you for the site which I found very helpful and very informative.

I would just like to congradulate you on this remarkable astrological website. I find this site astonishingly ( accuraaaaaaaaaate) :) Keep up the Goodness!

My name is Maxim, I recently found your website through Google Search! What a terrific wealth of knowledge, I will definitely be visiting you page often... I have an upcoming job interview and used your calendar to decide on the best day...I picked Monday with the Sun Trine Moon aspect how can I go wrong? Again, thank you for your site!
Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Love - Maxim

Dear Lauren, Just a quick little note to say thanks for your splendid and most insightful website. I've just visited for the first time and I'm sure I'll be visiting again. your November New Moon forecast for Libra is spot on.

I just wanted to tell you that your sight just gets better and better!!!! Love the daily and weekly's. And the new color scheme on the calendar. (Very low eye strain on the eyes.) Thanks again
Every Good Wish,
Ann Stavish

I just wanted to thank you for your gift of incredible accuracy in your horoscope readings. I can practically tell what's going to happen to each of my loved ones just by reading your ArtCharts! I realize there's always room for potential changes, but your horoscopes are almost a blow-by-blow description of my family's personal lives. :-) Thank you for being so gifted!
Diana Beuchert

I've just found your Website and found my horoscope. It was amazingly clear and helpful...
Thank you

mark ward

I love what you've done to your site! I visit this site every day to read my horoscope and this afternoon when I popped in, I noticed it was different. I like it alot! Thank you for the inspiration!

Visit your sight every day...have lots to share and ask you.... The vocabulary of this page has impressed me for some time...finally, today I decided to do a drawing (in Paint) of the image you suggest. An interesting and revealing exercise.

Your site is wonderful! I will frequent it often!
Rebecca Anderson

WOW This is great !!!! Thanks.
Toni Thomas

this is the most amazingly informative, comprehensive, erudite presentation of astrological data I have ever seen. thank you for maintaining it on the web!!

Dear Lauren:
I check "artcharts" every day at work for my horoscope.
Thanks, Lauren. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

I really want you to know that I go to your site every morning before I start my day to check the planets. Your site is one of the best I have seen, perhaps because it is ran by people and not computers. I just wanted to drop you this quick note to say thanks and your effort is appreciated!!!

I have finally taken the time to really use your site, rather than just checking my daily scope. What a great site, what an incredible amount of creative energy goes into your site. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Lauren,
I love checking out your monthly calendar and daily and weekly horoscopes! Your web-site is great!! Thank you for your time and I wish you the best!!
Ciao Health & Happiness

I visited your site for the 1st time today and I love it. There is so much information! It's exciting that astrology is everywhere and so widley accepted. Keep up the great work
My e-mail adress is

Hi Artcharts,
First - Thanks for all the great information. I love your site!! I love learning about astrology and wish I knew more! Thanks so much,

Dear Lauren,
I so enjoy your website. Mostly, I am in awe of the work you're doing and how you're presenting it. I do want to support your efforts. I dont understand this internet stuff; but your site is my absolute favorite. Just wanted you to know I appreciate you.
Mary Richardson

I absolutely love this site! I am learning so much, and I *thought* I knew a little about astrology! Glad you are here!

Great work and thank you. My son gave me "2000 Moon Sign Book" for my birthday last Oct. and I found you there. I share your pages to open ears and eyes. Life is a really great thing and your words help me realize why.

I just want to take a minute to let you know that your "new site" is wonderful! Very easy to use and usually more cohesive and delightful than the last! My husband and I use your site everyday (I'm writing from his email on his "server"). So, I thank you from both of us!
Thank you for all your efforts!
Natausha L-O

Dear Folks at Artcharts,
I've studied astrology, etc. for over fifteen years. Got a webtv three months ago. I was looking for a site such as Artcharts for daily consultation. Located your URL on the webtv search engine under astrology transits. Your site is beautifully designed, diversified, friendly and highly informative in its composition and even more than I hoped I would find. I have "saved" it in my Favorites Folder for regular visitation.
Thank you again. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit today and also sent your URL to a friend who is advanced in astrology. He'll love it, too!
Mr. L. E. H.

I receive the weekly e-mail from you and am delighted with it. Thanks. However I visited your new site this AM and was amazed. The site is fabulous and very informative. I learned more in one hour by reading your site than I have learned in 5 years. The site is very easy to navigate also. Thanks again for making it easy for someone such as me, who is astrologically challenged to begin to learn the basics. I look forward to visiting the site again.
J. K.

Good morning! I just HAD to let you know that your site is the best astrology site on the net, hands down! I feel tremendously lucky to have come across it, and now plan to consult it every day, and refer it to like-minded friends! Big, big, big kudos to you! You should be very, very proud of your excellent work.
Best of everything to you,
Ame :)

Just wanted to let you know that this is the best astrology site I have come across on the web........I can't believe how much relevant information that you have organized in such an easy to navigate manner! And the attention to detail is astounding (printer-friendly version of Ephemeris pages, etc.). Keep up the awesome work :-) I am curoius as to how you finance it however, as the site doesn't really seem to have a profit/sales orientation. Is it a labor of love?

Artcharts is the only other astro e-site I truly trust along with Astrodienst. Thank you. -Danu

Your site is excellent and the information is very accurate. I even have my boyfriend getting his weekly Virgo outlook on email now. The transit search is most helpful - beats having to search for the info elsewhere.
Thanks for all you do, and for your great work.
Nancy Miller

Congratulations on your site - it ought to win an award, IMHO.


Dear Lauren,

Your information is great! It has gotten so that my Sweetheart and I are waiting for Monday mornings to see what is going on in the universe according to artcharts. ´For the past three months especially, it seems that you have really been attuned to another level, and your weekly reports have been right on the money for us. It is always good to know that we are on the right paths and get the confirming message from you along with a little encouragement. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, .............Mardi in SC

I wanted to let you know that I looked around at a lot of other sites this evening and your site is the most thorough that I found. User friendly, covering everything I needed, as well as easy access to the information I needed, NO FLUFF....I will be looking in on a daily basis.....Thank you!

Hi Lauren
Thanks. I have enjoyed your site for over 2 years now.
I like your mix of the spiritual and the pragmatic; you seem very grounded in a New York way, while also looking deeper into multiple levels of reality.

my best,

Dear Lauren:
I just wanted to stop by and say "THANK YOU" for having one of the nicest, most sensible astrological sites on the internet. You bring pleasure in my life everytime I log on. Best Wishes.

Dear Artcharts (lauren),

Thank you for hanging in there with your site. It is truly the best on the web and is highly appreciated by myself and likely many others. Your dedication to quality is a very high calling and running your own business is tough under any conditions.

Since the attack i've noticed all business has slowed to a crawl. I, for one will not participate with the slow-down. I insist on bus. as usual as a philosophical stance while honoring those who died.

So, please keep going. I'll do my small part of actually paying for some reports.

Peter Cree

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to thank you for the great service you're providing at!
I really appreciate how tangible your forecasts are. Associating the planets' movements directly to the readings helps satisfy the 'why?' part of my brain, and makes the whole thing more educational and productive.

Thanks again for the great job!


Hello Lauren,

Just want to thank you for the Edgar Cayce reading. I've had readings off and on in the past, and this one is really useful.
Also, thank you for providing a great astrology web site!

A.B. Goodheart

Dear Lauren,

Just a little note to tell you how pleased I am with the transits report you prepared for me.

I usually don't care for annotated transits, having received more than one less-than-thorough report in the past. The boilerplate-generated grammar in one of those was so confusing had to ask for a refund. I typically order an annual transit chart and use the Robert Hand book as my resource.

I'm so glad I happened on your site (from a Google search.) When I saw the site's layout with the generous and interesting browsing you've made available, I thought I'd take a chance. I'm very glad I did.

I'll be back!

Bruce Lloyd

I luved the child star soooooooooooooooooooo accurate


Dear Lauren,

Just a quick little note to say thanks for your splendid and most insightful website. I've just visited for the first time, via a link in Yasmin Boland's daily Moon Meditation, and I'm sure I'll be visiting again. I've noticed that you are an artist, and inspired by mythology (which would also describe myself well); and, your website being created with art in mind, I'm not surprised that your insight is so apt. I'm currently arranging a series of exhibitions, as well as continuing to work on illustrations and writing, so your November New Moon forecast for Libra is spot on.

Thanks again. Best wishes to yourself, to Brian and to the furry animals :)

All the very best,


Ian Brown,

Many thanks!!! You're terrific!


Hi Lauren:
I noticed you were selling Simpaticos--cool! You have a great Site!!

Happy Holidays!!

Thanks Lauren! I love the reports, and thanks for the 'extras' you include! I appreciate that!


I recently found your website through Google Search!Š What a terrific wealth of knowledge, I will definitely be visiting your page often...I especially enjoy your Transit Calendar with explanations...extremely helpful and well organized!Š I have an upcoming job interview and used your calendar to decide on the best day...IŠpicked Monday with the Sun Trine Moon aspect how can I go wrong?Š Again, thank you for your site!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Love - Maxim Š

I would just like to congratulate you on this remarkable astrological website. I find this site astonishingly ( accuraaaaaaaaaate) :)
Keep up the Goodness!


Good Morning, Lauren.

I am a continuing client and fan of your work as it has helped me through a difficult time in the past year and half. During this period of my life your reports helped me make more informed decisions and prepare for situations and conflicts I never imagined. My situation included legal proceedings, the threat of bankruptcy, dissolution of a 27-year marriage, and relocation of my residence with 2 college-aged sons.

Each report you provided was not only honest and perceptive but very personal - The best of all I've read.


hi lauren,
your service to your readers is a precious gift with your blend of intellect inspiration and savvy. your writing has illuminated more than just my life i am sure. your writing is cherished by those fortunate enough to read you, as your poetry and wisdom comes in a form that brings pleasure to the unfolding of the maps of our lives. even if the financial validation is slow coming, presently, i do hope other forms of validation are right on time, for you.

you have made my life far more bearable in times of financial dead-ends, emotional upheaval, and uncertainty.

take good care of yourself, and enjoy your wonderful gift as your readers have and do.

love, adaysia



Dear Lauren,

Thank YOU for artcharts!

I recently achieved a life goal-- I sold my first novel! I decided to tithe my first advance against royalties check to some of the people/places that have helped me stay positive and I couldn't forget you and artcharts. Your work deserves that cash and much more!

Thanks again for everything! As long as you keep writing, I'll be reading!


Thanks for all the work you do on your site. I appreciate the high quality of the daily horoscopes you put out there, and have enjoyed reading the articles you've put on the site as well. Thank you for your committment!

lauren, as i said before, you seem to crystalize my internal experiences. thanx again jd

Top of page.

There are so many more. Thanks to everyone who writes with such supportive and encouraging comments. When I can, I'll add more....

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