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The Asteroid Report
Would you like to know more about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problem, express your sexuality and heal? The Asteroid Report interprets the four major asteroids and Chiron in your birthchart, shedding light on these important areas of experience. More...

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About Lauren Edmond

lauren of

Hi, I am Lauren Edmond and I have been the owner, writer, and astrologer of since August 1996. My interest in astrology and metaphysics began at the University of Buffalo in the early 1970s where I studied Classical Literature, focusing on Greek drama and mythology (BA Cum Laude conferred in 1975). Besides giving me poetic license, my (first) college education was an excellent background for my on-going studies of mythology and astrology. Since age 17, I have been involved in all phases of the publication of magazines, journals, newspapers, and books and was the horoscope writer for Grace Magazine (defunct), (defunct), (defunct), and Artcharts is also available as an app for the iPhone through the iTunes store online. I am currently enrolled in the Master's Degree program of the American Institute of Holistic Theology (

In the late 1970s I studied drawing and painting at the Art Student's League of NY. Since then, I have been painting and exhibiting my artwork in NYC. My painting gallery is online at You can also view my unrealed artwork (1990s) online at /

I live in downtown NYC with my husband, musician/photographer Brian Benson. We share our small space with our 2 dogs Sparky (an Aries) and Tom (a Virgo beagle), and our beautiful black cat Muddy Water (a Scorpio), and our lovely white cat, Luna (a Leo). We lost our dear Philippe in November 2009, and Ivory dog in June 2013.

Visit my online gallery and get info about upcoming shows at

Lauren Edmond is a painter, healer, Reiki master, practicing astrologer, member of the Artistas de Loisaida.

Click to see snapshots of our furry family members

ps, i need to post a new photo! I've been doing this so long, my hair is not brown anymore;-)

this page was last Updated: March 3, 2010

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