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Merlin Report
This report is complete, comprehensive and beyond astrologese. You will find that this interpretation of your chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon, but with amazing insights. Your mental and emotional nature, and areas in which you tend to excel or have difficulties are described. More...
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All about Retrograde Planets the Retrograde Planet Calendar

When you hear RETROGRADE, you may panic, even just a bit. You may have heard of bad omens connected with times of Retrograde and the first thing you may think is: potential for problems and limited progress. Retrogrades happen only from the perspective of Earth (called Geocentric). From the Sun's perspective (called Heliocentric), there are no Retrogrades, the planets continuously move in their orbits around the Sun. But from our perspective on the Earth, planets sometimes APPEAR to be going backwards. It's a sensory illusion, much like what happens when you're moving slowly in a train or car and another train or car going slower seems to be going backwards. From our perspective, the other planet seems to slow in its orbit. Right before a planet makes a Retrograde station (the point where it Retrogrades), it is at its farthest point in its orbit from the Earth. What actually happens when a planet Retrogrades is that it comes back closer to the Earth (and opposes the Sun).

Astrologically, Retrogrades happen when planets, and the energy they represent, are too far out and need to come back in line with the Earth. This is when you need to slow it down. You may need to take 1 step back now to take 2 steps forward later, and during a Retrograde, slowing down can be ultimately more productive and profitable than pushing on relentlessly ahead. When Retrogrades happen, things need to change, minds change, information changes, and people with Retrograde planets in their charts are here to create change and increase consciousness here on Earth. When you have Retrograde planets in your chart, people may not see you in your true glory, there's more to you than meets the eye.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrogrades three times a year for three weeks each time. This is the time your thinking needs to come back in line with reality. If there's too much information coming in and you're thinking a few steps too far ahead, Mercury Retrograde is a time to process, digest, and organize what you've learned recently so you can understand what's going on and find ways to put what you know to good use. Review your ideas, edit your statements, write in your journal. This is a good time to figure things out, see things from a more internal perspective, and decide how to proceed so you can work and communicate more effectively.

Venus Retrograde
Retrograde Venus calls your values into question. You may have acquired new possessions or made more money recently, but what do you want to do with your wealth, your talents, your assets??? Your attractions may have drawn many potential friends and lovers, but who do you want in your life and how do you want to share? During Venus Retrograde you may get a better view of yourself by observing how you relate to others.

Mars Retrograde
When Mars is retrograde, you may need to slow down. But to do that, you may find yourself face to face with--- yourself. The urge to get what you want may be strong, but instead of rushing out to get what you want when you want it, you may need to take another look at what you're pursuing and how you're pursuing it. Is it really in line with what you want or is it an unhealthy competition that has you running in circles? Action is necessary, but what kind? You can can bring your desires in line with what you really want and gain more personal power if you learn to control your needs and master your energy by taking action only when and where needed. If you can bring your own burning agenda back in line with others, you may be able to deepen your intimate relationships and re-energize yourself.

Jupiter Retrograde
When Jupiter is Retrograde, expansion can become impeded and things that seemed sure can just stop. When external energy dries up, it's time to find inner wisdom and expand internal knowledge. This is the time to objectively look at your projects and see where you need to work harder and do more. Don't just sit there criticizing others, examine your own code of ethics and exercise your own integrity. Think about how much you do to *fit in* out of fear and what are truly your own goals and needs. Jupiter retrograde is when the things we think we need but aren't really adding to our growth, are somehow removed from our lives. The end result is beneficial and the quest to understand is the journey and the teaching.

Saturn Retrograde
Upsets and delays could become a normal part of life for the 4 and a half months Saturn is Retrograde. Extra time-consuming, unfinished *business* can unexpectedly come up that takes you away from your normal routine, adding extra responsibilities, commitments, and time-eaters to your days. Expectations of forward progress may have to be temporarily revised. It's time to ease up and take a good look around you. Whatever house of your horoscope Saturn is currently transiting through is where you will feel this effect. This is not the time to make bold new strides and start experimental projects. Instead, use this time to re-evaluate and strengthen what you are already doing. This retrograde can teach you new methods to structure your inner psychological workings by exposing your limiting, unproductive defense mechanisms. This knowledge can ultimately help you translate yourself and your work to the world in a lucid, more easily comprehensible way.

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Uranus Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde is the time to tap into your innermost creative thoughts. There is a rich source of experimental new ideas, ready to be tested in the world. Find the method and media best suited to express your brand of genius or retrograding Uranus can make you feel anxious and uneasy. Start planning your personal quest for freedom and independence now.

Neptune Retrograde
Retrograde Neptune is a time when the boundaries between reality and illusion get blurry and the energy of the dream life becomes larger than real life. Since the dreams are so close you can touch them, use this time to delve into your dreams -- keep a dream diary in the medium of your choice. Your dreams are speaking louder and clearer than the usual murky surreal dream state. Listen to your intuitions, court your muse, and seek inspiration. While the energy is so transcendant, stay extra aware of your boundaries and borders.

Pluto Retrograde
The search for inner truth can be relentless during Pluto retrograde, but the deeper you can lean into it, the more compassion you'll be able to find for yourself and the further into self-knowledge and liberation this cycle will take you. Retrograding Pluto demands we purge whatever it touches (check your natal chart and all transits and progressions to see where Pluto effects you personally). The loss or empty space created can be disorienting, and this is how Pluto tests our ability to stay true to our path.

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