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Indra Report
This interpretation of the birth chart is very comprehensive and in-depth. The Indra Report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives, giving a highly accurate composite view of your life. More...

About the Elements
Defining characteristics in terms of Elements is based on whether a person's initial (elementary) reaction to everything in life is physical, pragmatic, intellectual, or emotional. An individual's first reaction to things is an instantaneous process. Describing it as though it occurs in slow motion makes it easier for us to understand how one individual's primary reactions may differ from another's, and how much the tendency of these responses influences the way we think and the things we do.

The first element is FIRE, represented by the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. For these people, the first reaction to everything is a physical one. They are the ones most likely to "shoot first and ask questions later. " Before they assess the practicality of their actions, before considering the emotional consequences, and before intellectual perceptions have a chance to impose control Fire sign people need to do something. The moment their interest is aroused, they charge into battle unarmed. In their haste to do something important details may be forgotten or disregarded. They can be unmindful of how their careless actions may hurt or infringe on the rights of others. The positive side of their animated natures is that fire signs possess great courage. They are willing to take chances and do things others would not attempt. Their accomplishments can be legendary if they learn to channel their energy constructively into worthwhile endeavors and develop the patience to complete the projects they initiate. Fire sign people are the most physically active. Aries likes to be active simply as a release of energy. Leo wants to get around in order to enjoy the attention and sociable companionship of others. Sagittarius loves the freedom that comes from being physically independent.

The second element is EARTH, represented by the signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These individuals are invariably of a practical nature and seldom do anything without a purpose. Before taking action that might be a waste of time, before allowing reason and logic to present all sides of an issue (some of which may not be of direct benefit to them), and before giving in to the sentimentality of emotions, Earth signs assess everything in terms of their personal goals. They expect some tangible reward or manifestation of gratefulness on the part of others in recognition of their efforts. At times it is hard to convince Earth sign personalities that everything cannot be measured in terms of its material worth. At other times, the practical nature of the Earth sign is a valuable asset. Their eye for value lets them see the worthiness of people as well as things that may not be so readily apparent to others. They are remarkable at discovering ways to conserve resources. They instinctively recognize and enjoy the material comforts of life and don't mind expending energy in that direction. Earth signs are not particularly motivated to do anything until they find it expedient to do so. Taurus will doggedly pursue anything that fills a basic need or desire. Virgo patiently tries to secure their own needs through service and responsibility to others, though they are not above using guilt as a weapon to get what they want. Capricorn will forego temporary needs and desires. They are in it for the long haul. No matter how long it takes to get there, their goals are met when they are put in charge and can do whatever they like.

The third element is AIR, represented by the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These individuals have an intellectual orientation to everything. Before taking action that might be unnecessary, before practicality distracts their attention, and before emotionalism can blur the facts, Air sign people focus their immediate attention on the available information in order to form a complete and unbiased judgement. They get sidetracked looking for some lesson to be learned. Attracted to all forms of education and communication, they are adept at making objective decisions and impartial judgments. Caught up in their intellectual approach however, they often fail to realize that no matter how rich the world of imagination, there is no substitute for experiencing the physical and emotional realities of life. In personal relationships, they have to remember that high-mindedness is no excuse for lack of sentiment or physical action. In practical matters, Air signs must learn that what works in theory may not work in reality. They are usually the quickest to acquire communicative skills. Gemini wants to find out what is going on. Libra does not like to be alone and therefore seeks the companionship of others. Aquarius, inherently intrigued by people and society, wants to be where others are gathered.

The fourth element is WATER, represented by the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Those born in a Water sign always lead with their hearts. Before taking action that might cause anxiety, before practicality imposes a limit on sentiment, and before intellectual reason offers irrefutable evidence that their feelings are unjustified, Water sign people react to everything on an emotional level. Feelings dominate their decisions. They can retard their own growth and development by giving in to feelings of self-pity or undue sentiment. On the other hand, when they allow intelligence to curb sentimentality and sharpen intuitive faculties, they can be unerring in their judgments. Emotionalism can raise them to singular heights of inspiration and achievement and also plunge them into the depths of degradation and despair. These personalities must learn to curb possessiveness and emotional dependency. Water signs are the most sensitive. The emotional environment in which they are raised plays a major role in determining their emotional and mental health as adults. They tend to be shy and in need of constant reassurance. Their willingness to do anything is largely a matter of how they are feeling at the time. Cancer wants emotional satisfaction through home and family. Scorpio seeks emotional satisfaction through manipulation and control, and Pisces seeks emotional satisfaction on whatever physical, spiritual, or creative level they can find.

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