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Your Ascendant, or Rising Sign

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The Ascendant: Doorway to your Personality
The first house, and the sign that rules the first house (9:00 on the wheel of the chart), is also known as the Ascendant or Rising sign. Your Ascendant describes your outer personality and physical attributes. It describes your health and the type of illnesses you may experience.

The Astrological Ascendant represents the point of the zodiac that was rising in the East at the time you were born. To determine your Ascendant or Rising Sign, you need to have your natal chart. You can get your chart on-line at many websites and come back to read all about your Ascendant. And since the Ascendant is determined by a combination of time and space, please be sure to include your date, time, and place of birth. Without a correct birthtime, your Ascendant cannot be determined.

The Ascendant is especially important in the chart. When we see planets rising in the East, they look larger than when they are farther above us in the sky. This optical illusion is part of the Ascendant's meaning; it represents the part of us that seems larger to others and what we see first when we look at the world; it's what we appear to be---our personality and what we look like. The Ascendant also describes our physical health. The sign on the Ascendant is important because it describes how we interact with our environment. The planet that rules this sign is so important that it is called the chart's ruler.

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