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The Asteroid Report
The Asteroids in your chart teach you about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problems, express your sexuality, and heal. The Asteroid Report interprets the 4 asteroids and Chiron, shedding light on these areas of essential life experience. More...

Vesta conjunct Jupiter
This mixing of energies is about optimistic and expansive professional and personal ambitions. The power of being centered in your ventures gives you "permission" to engage fully in whatever you are doing. Benefits come when you are fully focused, not worrying about what else you "should" be doing. When you are willing to give yourself the time to complete something, doing it takes less time than worrying and procrastinating. If you just aren't feeling centered and engaged in your work, you may need to search for work or a profession that does engage and hold your attention. There is something you want to dedicate yourself to doing, and it's time to do something to inspire you on. Travel, education, reading, classes, workshops, wise teachers can all make a field of interest come alive. Pursuing education in the field you're already involved in can show yourself and your colleagues that you mean business.

Astrological Pallas Athene
In Greek mythology, Pallas Athene represented the feminine wisdom principle. Astrologically she represents the body-mind connection, inspired insight, flashes of illumination and genius along with the ability to manifest concrete reality and brilliantly creative works of art. Pallas Athene is the ability to plan a strategy and carry it out, to invent and utilize new systems and concepts; to become a professional in your field. Pallas Athene is a symbol of the equality of women in the world, as Athene was the first goddess treated as an equal to the men and not perceived as an object of sexual desire. Women who interact in the world of business finance law science and medicine have had to sacrifice a part of their femininity to achieve acceptance in a male-oriented society, and so Pallas at her best represents the ability to balance the male and female parts of ourselves in order to interact effectively. At her worst, Pallas is the woman who sacrifices her femininity for acceptance in the male world. She identifies with men more than women and so loses a part of herself - her ability to be feminine.

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