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Uranus in Aries
May 27, 2010 - May 15, 2018

Talkin' about my-my revolution. MY revolution. Yeah.

If you've been hoping to move forward, yet nagging doubts have kept you mired, and possibly frustrated, Uranus in Aries is time for a FRESH start! You may JUMP headfirst at opportunities to get things moving. You may want to join a group or fight for a meaningful cause. It's not about winning a popularity contest or liking the other members of the group--- it's what you can DO together. And with Uranus in Aries, working for change you truly believe is far more IMPORTANT than who you personally like or don't like. And that takes us back to our EGO. If we want to make meaningful changes, we will have to put our ego in perspective. It can't run the show if you are going to move forward. If there is something you personally don't like or approve of, you may have to do what you KNOW is right, despite your ego's need to put it's likes and dislikes first. It's about you. And it's not about you.

Easier thought than done with Uranus in Aries. Even the coolest person can become instantly infuriated if anyone tells them what to think or do! And if they do, anyone can get instantly riled up and act out impulsively. We want freedom, and we want it our way. Yet, there are forces that are not in agreement and it is likely that any forceful push will be met with an equally forceful push.

With Uranus in Aries, the idea is to get sparks flying. If you're bored, you'll want excitement, and if you're excited, you want might want to make changes happen NOW. Even if you change your mind later.

If you take the impulsive route, you can wind up in unchartered territory, far from the comfort zone of home. Now what? Who are you besides all your "stuff." Perhaps all your stuff was making it impossible for the real you to surface. This could be time for The Fool's adventure into the unknown....!

There are times when situations get stale and hard to change. Uranus in Aries creates a high enough energy voltage to make a breakthrough. The only thing NOT to expect is for everything to continue on, as is. But--- do you really have to smash everything to bits and start from nothing, or can you accept the challenge to use your high-grade energy to work harder, smarter, faster, and with more motivation.

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