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The Solar Return Report
Astrologers use a number of techniques for forecasting, primarily Transits, Progressions, and Returns-- and particularly the Solar Return. More...
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Sun in Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)
Emotional harvest time. When the Sun is in Scorpio emotions from the depths of your psyche are ready to be brought into the world, where your deepest feelings can be analyzed, judged, purged, and finally integrated; your truths exposed. You can find yourself obsessively focused on your own inner processes and feelings, seemingly not involved or interested in expressing yourself to the rest of the world; people can read you as being preoccupied or mysterious. The emotional energy available now is intense and potentially volatile if used manipulatively or out of resentment; use your increased emotional power to strengthen and deepen your perceptions and insights into the people and the world around you. Emotional energy is the strongest power because it cannot be defeated and is the hardest thing to change. Like the Phoenix rising out of it's ashes, symbol of the most evolved Scorpionic energy, emotions will always rise again. Get down low to *get it* all.

Read all about your SCORPIO SUN sign @

The Astrological Sun
The Sun rules will power and ego. It is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual; who you are and what you are about. It represents the main direction and focus you want your life to take, and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do. It is your personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority, to impress and influence others. The Sun is the astrological ruler of Leo.

Scorpio is the Fixed-Water sign. Scorpios stubbornly cling to emotional attachments. They rarely forget or forgive emotional rejection. They have to learn that jealousy and possessiveness are self-defeating. Rechanneling negative feelings and experiences into constructive activities benefits others as well as themselves. No other sign has the emotional strength of Scorpio. Learn more about your Sun in Scorpio

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