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The Lunar North Node in Libra
This is the time we find a way to cooperate with each other. We start to pay attention to what others need - besides asserting our own needs, desires, opinions, power. We move beyond our selfish impulses and we learn to share. We learn that we can succeed when we work together instead of working only for our own interests. We start to become less self-centered and more related. We start to appreciate others. And we start to win.

Astrological Nodes
The Lunar Nodes are the astronomical points where the Moon crosses the orbital path of the Earth, called the ecliptic.

There is a North Node, where the Moon crosses the Earth's orbit on the North, or ascending side (also called the Dragon's Head, or Rahu). And a South Node where the Moon crosses on the South, or descending side (Dragon's Tail, or Ketu).

Light FOCUSES at the North Node and SCATTERS at the South Node. The Nodes are thought to be karmic. And since these are geometric points in space, the Nodes teach us that we create our karma as we move through our lives.

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