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Daily Moon Forecast
All the daily transits of the Moon to your chart. The most personalized daily horoscope available. More...

Moon in Leo semisquares Sun in Virgo (Balsamic Moon)

This Balsamic Moon poses a question of self-worth. You may be feeling frustrated by what you see as your imperfections and believe you are just not 'good enough.' Or - you sense new opportunities approaching. Perhaps you are expecting too much praise or reward for what you do and need to be more secure in your offerings to the world, even if they're not always met with applause. This way, you can feel good about yourself regardless of current public opinion. And you do!

**Balsamic Moon phase**
The Moon semisquares the Sun (at an approaching angle of 45 degrees)

This phase takes place 3+ days before the New Moon disappears into the glow of dawn, and so signals the beginning of the Dark Moon phase.

As the Moon gets ready to disappear, we are reminded that we are basically alone, no matter how many people sometimes surround us. It is time to plant the seeds for the coming New Moon, which represents possibilities for the future. We completely embody the Past now, yet look forward to a better future, one that we are willing to sacrifice our old, no longer useful ideals and beliefs for. There is an emptiness and a hopefulness about planting our seeds, a cycle has ended and we still have to wait to see the results of our new endeavors.