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Advanced Forecast
This report describes future trends, especially psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter-- even includes the 4 asteroids and Chiron. More...
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Mars Direct
Get ready for an energy release. All the energy you've been wisely conserving and holding inside is about to come pouring out-- but not too fast. When planets that have been moving retrograde turn direct, there is a period of a few days when the planet hardly moves at all; change can be disorienting. Especially with Mars, be careful of quick tempers flaring just before and just after the change of direction. You'll move ahead as you realize that all the difficulties and blocks you've been experiencing while trying to create your place in the world were limitations you set up to keep your progress equal to your current abilities. Confront passive-aggressive tendencies in yourself and others; these are remnants of old behavior patterns that hide true feelings and abilities, effective only in preventing your further growth. And now that you're ready to move on, energy can flow back into your life.

Astrological Mars
Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, fires your emotions, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. It describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter. Mars is the astrological ruler of Aries, and the co-ruler of Scorpio.

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