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This report describes future trends, especially psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter-- even includes the 4 asteroids and Chiron. More...
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Jupiter stations Retrograde
There's a beautiful symmetry to Jupiter's orbit. After Jupiter stations Retrograde, there is always a trine to the Sun within 6 days; and ~ 6 days before Retrograde Jupiter stations direct, there is also a trine.

Images of boundless frontiers and tireless energy can expand in your mind and become increasingly exciting until Jupiter's trine to the Sun, and then the Retrograde reality can set in. Outer progress can become impeded, things that seemed sure can just stop. When external energy dries up, it's time to find inner wisdom and expand internal knowledge. This is the time to objectively look at your projects and see where you need to work harder and do more. Don't just sit there criticizing others, examine your own code of ethics and exercise your own integrity. Think about how much you do to "fit in" out of fear and what are truly your own goals and needs. Jupiter Retrograde is when the things we think we need, but aren't really adding to our growth, are somehow removed from our lives. The end result is beneficial and the quest to understand is the journey and the teaching.

Astrological Jupiter
Jupiter rules your potential for growth and expansion on many levels; physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and the accumulation of material assets, power, and status. It describes your optimism and aspirations. It represents your father and his position in society. Jupiter is the astrological ruler of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces.

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