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The Asteroid Report
The Asteroids in your chart teach you about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problems, express your sexuality, and heal. The Asteroid Report interprets the 4 asteroids and Chiron, shedding light on these areas of essential life experience. More...


Juno in Pisces
While Juno is in Pisces, falling in love can be like diving into a deep pool filled with beautiful lights and floating lounges. Drinks anyone? You can swim and merge deeply with your lover, but you can also lose yourself in the moment and bypass barriers that are necessary by the light of day. Your love may be unconditional, yet shining the bright light of reality on what is beautiful and heartfelt can be disillusioning.

Astrological Juno
Juno, or Hera in Greek, was the goddess of marriage. The month of June was sacred to her, still evident in the tradition of the June Bride. The marriage of Zeus and Hera, according to legend, was begun out of duty and was afflicted with infidelity (on the part of Zeus, never Hera), jealousy (mostly on the part of Hera), possessiveness and cruelty (they both participated in these). Hera found herself mostly alone and isolated due to her monogamous status, her loyal nature, and Zeus' womanizing nature. Like the sign of Libra, astrological Juno is concerned with relationships; how we relate, how open and trusting we are with others, how easily we merge and compromise. Juno is also affiliated with Scorpio, which traditionally rules marriage and sexuality. This is not an easy union; there are difficulties reconciling the partnership (Libra) with the sexuality (Scorpio). The reconciliation can signify the passage from girlhood to womanhood, from possibilities to commitment, and from commitment to wholeness. Juno is about the need for a deeply commited relationship and the frustrations of having that need manipulated and denied. Juno deals with the bitterness, anger, and revenge that can follow disillusioned love; the refusal to accept a limiting, disempowering, negating relationship as reality; and the empowerment of a truly loving sharing intimate relationship. Ideally, Juno is about the ability to harmonize and find completion and transcendence with and through the other.

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