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Ground Hog's Day
Traditionally known as: Brighid or Candlemas or Imbolc
February 2-4

The pagan holiday of Brighid or Imbolc (the Gaelic name for the ewe's milk that started returning in the dead of winter), or more recently, Candlemas (celebrated by Christians) marks the midpoint of the seasons -- at Brighid we are exactly in the middle of the winter season, between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This holiday is currently observed as Groundhog's Day, anticipating the return of spring.

The essence of this time is to commit and recommit yourself passionately to your life and love. Commitment and surrender need to be seen as positive and joyous feelings, instead of fearful and lonely ordeals. To lose your ego to your higher self can rejuvenate and realign you with your path, which is represented by the Catholic religion as Lent, a period of chosen denial to wipe away the veil of toxicity that dims our ever-bright inner light.

Light a candle to honor your commitment, sweep away the old doubts and inhibitions. Cleanse your inner house and get ready for the coming Spring. Here comes the light!

In 2020, the Sun is at the exact Winter-Spring midpoint (15 Aquarius 00) on February 4 (@ 4:03:16 AM EST :: 1:03:16 AM PST)

Read all about your SCORPIO SUN sign @

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