Winter Solstice & Venus Retrograde: the gift of YOU


Winter Solstice is Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 12:11 PM EST
Venus stations Retrograde Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 4:53 PM EST

Sun @ 0 Capricorn 00
Sun’s declination is 23 S 26
Sun is conjunct the Tropic of Capricorn
Venus is stationing Retrograde in Capricorn (28 Capricorn 56)
Venus will be Retrograde from December 21, 2013 – January 31, 2014


At Winter Solstice – from the Earth’s point-of-view – the Sun seems to turn and slowly start to move from the South to the North (until Summer Solstice when it turns again). For 10 days, the Sun seems to just sit there at its most Southernly declination.

The Capricorn Sun’s ruler – Saturn-in-Scorpio is receiving an (approaching) square from the Moon-in-Leo and is in a separating trine from Jupiter-in-Cancer (this trine will re-form in May 2014 and was recently discussed in the post “Jupiter trines Saturn”).

The square of Moon-to-Saturn in the Solstice chart shows our personal and social blocks & barriers to receiving the warmth and happiness we deserve. We may feel this more at the holiday season, when there is supposed to be unlimited sharing of joy and good cheer.

This time of year is perfect for looking back and seeing how far you’ve come in the past year. If you don’t think you’ve gotten anywhere or made the progress you hoped for, stop like the Sun – where were you last year? You may not have achieved everything you wanted, your life may not be ‘perfect,’ yet you’ve probably made considerable progress in many areas. Maybe you’ve been reading my posts and have made some personal progress.

Looking back at 2013…
Can you accept more about yourself, without getting defensive? Or taking things personally?
Have you seen through and blasted past any past fears? Tensions? Stress?
Have you released negativity or healed in any way this year?
Have you tried something new and different?
Have you lifted your vibrations?
Have you allowed yourself to give and receive, without restrictions?
Have you felt and shared more LOVE?
What are you thankful for that you received this year?
Are you feeling more love for yourself – and – as Venus stations Retrograde – are you ready to give&receive the gift of YOU?

Change doesn’t have to be massive to make a big difference.

To attract what you want, you have to know yourself. And this is where psychological astrology can be so helpful.

Venus Retrograde takes ourSelves and our relationships and puts the responsibility for their success right back on us. This is empowering. In Capricorn, Venus Rx reminds us that our relationships to others start with ourSelves. Our relationships are not under the control of others, they are a reflection of our own emotional patterns. Are you becoming who you came here to be? Do your relationships reflect YOU? According to the Law of Attraction, if you believe an old version of yourself, you will continue to live that same old version because you will continue to believe and attract that old, limited version of you.


Venus Rx in Capricorn is a time to remember your relationship with yourSelf, to create and live from your own power center, to release judgments from your past (starting with early childhood) that determined your patterns, that told you who you are and who you could become. Many of these opinions we still believe. Not all of them are ‘wrong,’ but some of your identity is not based on who you are but on accepted social customs and evaluations that don’t really have much to do with your purpose or potential. Some of it is far more negative than real. It’s not your fault, you created a social mask so you could fit into the culture and feel like a good, decent person. Often, it has become habit, it’s “just the way you are.’ What if it’s not? What if believing that will never let you become who you really are? This is the time to consciously reclaim YOUR identity, to become more than your limitations, to release what was tagged on you so you can establish your own relationship with yourSelf, as a self-empowered adult.

One way to release negative self-patterns is to stop judging. When we feel judged, many of us have an automatic judge-back response. If you just stopped, you’d see the judgments of you stopping as well. And that could upgrade your energy and positive self-image.

Venus is about making choices. When we make choices based on our TRUE self, we are likely to follow through and continue the momentum to receive and achieve – without resistance. If you can’t let it go, what are you hoping to get, even if it’s not really something you desire? How do you (habitually) fall back and get small when you’re not receiving what you desire?

What could you physically manifest (Capricorn is an EARTH sign) if you were more responsible to and appreciative of your inner flow of Self love? What would it be like to live beyond the patterns that have limited you and kept you repeating the past? Even though you’re not 100% perfect, could allow yourself to love yourself, just a little more. To see that as natural for you? What if you could laugh and embrace it all. What if you could celebrate being alive?

Wishing you the most joyful Christmas and a super HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’ll be back with you for the New Moon on January 1, which is a major crossroad and needs some conscious love&understanding so we don’t sink into fear but rise to the challenges ahead.

Chart for Winter Solstice (in NYC):
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