TOTAL Solar Eclipse: The First Judgment


There is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8, 2016

Eclipses are gateways to new dimensions. This TOTAL Solar Eclipse is about thinking INSIDE the box, and how that cuts off our gateway to progress and positive thinking. If we choose to think OUTSIDE the box, this Eclipse opens the gateway to uplifting inspiration.




TOTAL Solar Eclipse in Pisces
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Sun & Moon @ 18 Pisces 55
8:57 PM EST
5:57 PM PST

This Eclipse will NOT be visible in the continental USA. It will be fully visible in Indonesia, Canary Islands, and Chile. You can watch several live feeds online starting @ 6PM EST, or @ NASA starting at 8 PM EST.

There is also an asteroid fly-by on March 8, possibly as close at 15,000 miles from Earth!

Here are links to the critical March Eclipse events:
Saturn @ focal point of a T-square – Saturn square Sun&Moon
Jupiter opposes Sun&Moon
Saturn square Jupiter
Saturn is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.
Jupiter is Retrograde
Jupiter-Saturn square on March 23
Lunar Eclipse on March 23
Saturn stations Retrograde on March 25
(Jupiter squares Saturn: March 23, 2016 & May 26, 2016)
(Saturn squares Neptune: June 17, 2016 & September 10, 2016)

Saturn represents the physical world, our limitations, structures, and responsibilities. Just being in the 3D physical world is literally being in a box. As human beings, we have the need to belong, to have others understand us, and if that means maintaining limiting beliefs that make us socially acceptable, we’ll do it. Habit and habitat help us feel secure in an ever-changing world.

At the Eclipse, Saturn is in Mutable T-Square to the Sun&Moon on one side, and Jupiter on the other.

This means the Sun & Moon are square Saturn and opposing Jupiter. It also means Saturn and Jupiter are square. You can read more about this year’s Jupiter-Saturn square in the last blog post: March Astrology 2016: think again.

The T-square to Saturn focuses energy, which is a real challenge in a Monkey Mind year when the mind would rather chatter all over the place. If we can’t focus, we can feel pressured, overwhelmed, overburdened, incapable, alienated – our fears exposed by the discipline and responsibilities demanded of us by Saturn. Are we really up for the challenge, are we really good-enough, or are our fears of not being enough exposed?

Those who feel strong when they dominate others can be overcompensating for their lack of ability and ineptness, covering up their own fear of victimization. It is likely there will be great and growing delusion about victimhood as 2016 progresses and a Saturn-Neptune square joins the Saturn-Jupiter square, putting Saturn at the focal point of a T-square that continues through the summer of 2016. Saturn will start to square Neptune this Spring, but the Eclipse in Neptune-ruled Pisces activates this square now. The pressure is on.

The First Judgment.

This is a moral dilemma.

Only when we are able to focus – without dominating others – but as a group – can we build a just society. Meanwhile, the system is broken. And we cannot make progress in a broken system.

Saturn – at the base of a T-square – shows us stuck in 3D reality, held back by negative emotions – especially judgment and revenge. The trine from Saturn to Uranus shows a potential for progress – but only if we can let go of the need for judgment and revenge that will continue to hold back our progress. The quincunx from Jupiter to Uranus is another clue – to make progress, we have to make an adjustment. We have to share fairly and with respect for ourselves and each other.

You don’t have to feel overburdened by Saturn – unless you feel compelled to play the ever-suffering victim (an increasing challenge as Saturn starts to square Neptune in another long-term 2016 transit).

At both Eclipses in March 2016, Saturn is trine Uranus and Jupiter quincunx Uranus. Despite feeling stuck in a box, change is possible, even likely. So how DO we make it happen? And if we have a brilliant idea or see a path to thinking outside the box, how do we make change happen in a broken system? How do we avoid getting, or staying, trapped?

To think OUTSIDE the box, you have to give up old fantasies, like getting ‘sweet’ revenge, blame, judging, or suffering more – all that keeps you in limiting belief victim consciousness. Indulging in all this negativity keeps you small, fearful. On the spiritual plane, you are equal to everyone. You are infinite.

At this Eclipse, you can simply step OUT of the box. First you have to do it for yourself by giving up your old fantasies. Forgive those who stay small by judging and blaming and staying angry at “the powers that be.” The culture loves those old fantasies of fighting the ‘bad guys’ to get revenge. Look at all the movies and TV shows based on this fantasy. They all keep you in the same old pattern of limitations.

Then, we need to work and connect in networks that are both physical and spiritual.

Saturn, at the base of a T-square, provides a foundation, ready-made for us to build on. And when we give up the youthful powerless revenge fantasies, we can build something that resembles who we really are – now. Instead of the angry victim filled with powerless rage – we can step into our empowered adult – not the ho-hum dreary “adult” but a magical, empowered adult thinking and acting in your power – being responsible and able to make choices.

We can build and manifest a new reality when we mix old and new, private and public, conformity and innovation, practicality and genius. You can touch your inner genius when you USE the box to build something original, high-tech, social, public, new, exciting, uplifting – expand your goals and step OUT.

Chart for the Solar Eclipse (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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