Aug 17

Full Moon (minor Eclipse) on August 18: Fate? Or drawing indirect lines


Full Moon + (almost!) Lunar Eclipse
August 18, 2016
@ 5:27 AM EDT

The Earth’s shadow will just miss the penumbral of the Moon, just. Meaning – we won’t quite see our shadow on the face of the Moon.

Some astrologers are calling this a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It is listed in Solar Fire (software) as an Eclipse. But it’s just too far from the Nodes to qualify as an Eclipse, which means we will not see the Earth’s shadow on the face of the Moon. So we are calling it a “minor” Eclipse.

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Nov 09

11/11 New Moon in Scorpio @ 19 degrees!


Yes. The New Moon in Scorpio is on 11/11
@ 19 Scorpio 00
Sun and Moon are both @ 19 Scorpio 00

Long considered the “accursed degree,” 19 Scorpio is about destruction that leads to transformation.

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May 27

New Moon in Gemini: spinning circles

New Moon in Gemini
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
@ 2:40 PM EDT
Sun & Moon at 7 Gemini 21

This is the New Moon in Gemini – a time you can spin your wheels.

As you spin your wheels, you create patterns – which can become crystal clear over the next month.

There are 2 astrological events happening at the New Moon. The only things they have in common is timing. Their patterns do not overlap. And that can give us perspective and healing…

    1- Sun and Moon are in the exact same place in the sky – or conjunct. Both Sun and Moon are square Neptune.

    2- There’s a beautiful Grand Trine with a Kite – a pattern that indicates a high level of success. And there’s a YOD.

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Mar 16

Full Moon on March 16: coming clean

Full Moon
March 16, 2014
@ 1:08 PM EDT

Moon @ 26 Virgo 01
Sun @ 26 Pisces 01

What happens when you don’t take responsibility for creating and supporting what you want? And why would you need to do that if you can blame, judge, troll any irritating person? Does all that judgment bring you to a place you are clean, clear and able to project a self-image that is loving and attractive? Continue reading

Jan 29

New Moon: Your ideal future

New Moon in Aquarius
January 30, 2014
@ 4:38 PM EST
Sun & Moon @ 10 degrees Aquarius 55 minutes

The Aquarius New Moon – a time we can intuit our future, use our intelligence to go beyond the ordinary, think beyond the usual limits, discover something brilliant, creative, electric, exciting. Continue reading