Oct 22

The Sun enters Scorpio – but first, a Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon
Sun enters Scorpio
October 22, 2016

Just 4 1/2 hours before the Sun enters Scorpio, Libra sends out its last call for peace with a Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.
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Oct 27

Scorpio: the courage to give AND receive


As we dive into Scorpio this year, both rulers of Scorpio – Mars (old) and Pluto (modern) are trine each other. Venus – Jupiter – and Mars are currently conjunct – you can see them in the pre-dawn sky. and there’s a SUPER Full Moon in Taurus – giving us easy access to the deep, magnetic powers of Scorpio. Continue reading

Oct 31

Solar Eclipse: magic light

Solar Eclipse
November 3, 2013
Hybrid Eclipse visible as Partial Eclipse in NYC
– starting @ Sunrise 5:50 AM EST
Maximum Eclipse @ 6:31 AM EST
Eclipse ends @ 7:11 AM EST
(Eclipse is TOTAL in parts of Africa)

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”
– Will Rogers

Eclipses are portals that open doorways to new dimensions. But – walking through the doorway is optional. It is a choice that is available to everyone on the planet, yet we have to consciously choose our path. To make it stick, we need to consciously make it part of our daily lives. Are you ready…?

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Oct 22

Scorpio: seeking the spiritual – insight & out


This year, as the SUN enters SCORPIO, be prepared for an EXTRAordinary journey through Scorpio.

As the Sun starts to move through Scorpio, it will conjunct the Lunar North Node, Saturn, and Mercury. this makes Scorpio even MORE intense than the usual intensity, and while it can seem challenging, it is also an opportunity to in-depth healing. Continue reading

Nov 12

SHIFT – Solar Eclipse on November 13

solar eclipse – new moon
november 13, 2012
5:08 pm EST

Solar Eclipse
Sun conjuncts Moon
@ 21 Scorpio 56
Lunar North Node @ 26 Scorpio 03

In every way possible – we are at a time of transition. But how clear are our choices?

This is the SHIFT we have heard about. And now it is more than intellectually interesting. It is happening. Many of us are actually experiencing it. And more of us are feeling it every day.

Like the New Moon, and Scorpio – the SHIFT is not always visible. Many of us sense it – even though we have no evidence to support it. Or do we….
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