Mar 07

TOTAL Solar Eclipse: The First Judgment


There is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8, 2016

Eclipses are gateways to new dimensions. This TOTAL Solar Eclipse is about thinking INSIDE the box, and how that cuts off our gateway to progress and positive thinking. If we choose to think OUTSIDE the box, this Eclipse opens the gateway to uplifting inspiration. Continue reading

Dec 23

Saturn in Sagittarius: Real Faith

Saturn in Sagittarius

December 23, 2014 – June 14, 2015
September 17, 2015 – December 19, 2017

Saturn is the planet of form and responsibility. It rules the status quo and established society.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expanding horizons, philosophy, religion; the ideals that make up the fabric of society. And while they are lofty ideals, they do not have the exact forms and details of Saturn. Jupiter is magnanimous, positive, encouraging, adventurous, generous. Saturn is earthy, practical, measured, sometimes a harsh teacher, and always practical.

This is good news for the current stalled politics of Saturn in Scorpio – with Pluto in Capricorn (mutual reception in each other’s ruling signs, working together so seamlessly, one becomes the other). The move of Saturn into Sagittarius combines Jupiter with Saturn. Astrological Jupiter rules the Republican party, while Saturn rules the Democratic party.

Here’s why this may be good news. As the energies of these very different planets blend, political opponents may start to see where they can harmonize and integrate their differences, perhaps realizing the spiritual/religious/philosophical/legal rights of every person on Earth, perhaps seeing the bigger picture for the future of humanity. There is potential to blend practicality with ideals for a higher purpose.

As 2015 begins, we may start to take steps on the path to peace. However, we may also take a few giant steps backward in 2015. Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio from June 14 – September 17, 2015.

And this can be trouble. As Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio it will square Jupiter in August 2015 and twice again as Jupiter enters Virgo and Saturn re-enters Sagittarius, continuing through the end of May 2016. Hating to hate is likely to create more tension. Especially the first time Jupiter and Saturn square in fixed signs (Leo to Scorpio). Saturn as representative of the mature adult, needs assert its authority in an uplifting, inclusive way that provides positive leadership.

Saturn and Jupiter are the last and largest 2 visible planets. They are both focused on society; how it functions, how to organize it, who rules it, how governments function, how our philosophical and religious beliefs influence how we live, behave, work, love.

While Saturn is in Sagittarius, it is possible to blend opposing factions
Jupiter wants to have faith, Saturn builds a path to get there.
Jupiter wants to have adventures, Saturn wants to plan them.

With Saturn in Sag, we ask big questions. We are likely to be more open about our spiritual beliefs and practice. Because Saturn likes to teach by doing, we get to test our beliefs – do they work when push comes to shove? It may not be your belief system is wrong, but Saturn may force you to think deeper. As you grow spiritually and professionally, your beliefs may feel too rigid and restrictive.

It’s important to remain conscious and aware so you don’t take your faith too seriously, make it too big a deal, and become restricted instead of liberated and inspired by your beliefs.

Feb 28

New Moon: Harmonic Dream

New Moon on March 1, 2014
@ 3:00 AM EST
@ 10 Pisces 39

Mercury stations DIRECT on February 28
Mars stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Vesta stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Saturn stations RETROGRADE on March 2

Mercury stations DIRECT On the New Moon in Pisces. That sounds dreamy. TIme to put your imagination into action. Yet, too much conflict and not enogh harmony can hold up the action. Continue reading

Dec 11

Jupiter trines Saturn: Your brilliant future


There are a few HOT aspects in this chilly December –
One is WINTER SOLSTICE on December 21 – coinciding with VENUS RETROGRADE – also December 21
The other is Jupiter trine Saturn on December 12

As we approach the darkest time of the year – WINTER SOLSTICE – we have an opportunity to retrieve our light and get a better view of our future, so we can create our brilliant future. Here how, and why we can to do that. Continue reading