Sep 17

Love Your Light: Full Harvest Moon + Fall Equinox + Saturn/NorthNode

Love Your Light by Lauren Edmond/ © 2013
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This is a major week for astrological events. Saturn conjuncts the North Node, Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo, and Fall Equinox on Sunday, September 22.

Watch for the big orange pumpkin Moon rising at sunset, the effect of the Full Moon and Equinox occurring simultaneously.

As Saturn conjuncts the Lunar North Node, we have an opportunity to use all our experiences as learning tools and co-write our ‘fate’ – or – we can hold firm to our usual positions and let fate take it course. What happens now will intensify with the Full Moon, Equinox and coming Eclipses. And continue until the next Saturn-North Node conjunction in 2025. Continue reading

Sep 09

Saturn in September: focus and release


We cringe. We have heard it’s a tough planet that takes no prisoners.

Saturn is The Teacher. The master builder. If something doesn’t fit, Saturn insists it change – or the whole structure can fall.

Mars is square Saturn, the aspect that forces change. Our egos (Mars) do not like hearing that something about us has to change. Humility does not fit into the ego’s equation. Yet, there’s Saturn, with its irrevocable rings of limitation, or are they rings of Harmony? Saturn demands that our ENERGY be focused – and not scattered. It wants our ATTENTION.
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