May 13

Full Moon May 14: Love or Not Love

Full Moon on May 14
@ 3:16 PM EDT
Moon @ 23 Scorpio 54
Sun @ 23 Taurus 54

The Full Moon is in Scorpio –
The Moon & Saturn are conjunct in Scorpio – this is an opportunity to slow down & GO DEEP.

This Full Moon – Venus opposes Mars (in each other’s ruling signs) just at a time when the world Heart chakra is split apart. What can we do to reconnect and heal this split. We have a choice – live small or venture out. How can we bring more love&magic to our everyday lives, to others, even to those who oppose us? Continue reading

Feb 28

New Moon: Harmonic Dream

New Moon on March 1, 2014
@ 3:00 AM EST
@ 10 Pisces 39

Mercury stations DIRECT on February 28
Mars stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Vesta stations RETROGRADE on March 1
Saturn stations RETROGRADE on March 2

Mercury stations DIRECT On the New Moon in Pisces. That sounds dreamy. TIme to put your imagination into action. Yet, too much conflict and not enogh harmony can hold up the action. Continue reading

Sep 09

Saturn in September: focus and release


We cringe. We have heard it’s a tough planet that takes no prisoners.

Saturn is The Teacher. The master builder. If something doesn’t fit, Saturn insists it change – or the whole structure can fall.

Mars is square Saturn, the aspect that forces change. Our egos (Mars) do not like hearing that something about us has to change. Humility does not fit into the ego’s equation. Yet, there’s Saturn, with its irrevocable rings of limitation, or are they rings of Harmony? Saturn demands that our ENERGY be focused – and not scattered. It wants our ATTENTION.
Continue reading