Aug 05

New Moon in Leo: basking in the golden light

New Moon in Leo on August 6, 2013
@ 5:51 PM EDT
Moon and Sun @ 14 Leo 34

The Sun & Moon – and Vesta are all @ 14 degrees Leo

Back in Cancer – Jupiter-conjunct-Pallas-oppose-Pluto (the exact Jupiter-Pluto opposition is August 7, the next day)

The BIG deal (Anthony Weiner is just a symbol of how BIG):
Jupiter is opposing Pluto and square Uranus
Jupiter opposes Pluto on August 7
Jupiter squares Uranus on August 21, the day after the FULL MOON.

The flow of golden light is wide open. This is healing energy that radiates from your heart chakra. Now – at the Leo New Moon – you can align with this positive energy flow – Continue reading

Jul 21

Hey SUPERSTAR! Sun enters Leo on a SUPER Full Moon

Oh Leo, you should be proud! You really are great. Where would we be without you! And where would you be without your devoted audience – Aquarius. As the SUN enters its home sign of LEO, the Moon-in-Aquarius opposes the Sun – creating a SUPER Full Moon. Great show. Applause!

Take the stage! And shine your light we love so much.

You are a superstar – and right now, you can channel your star-quality energy by being a shining star for your highest ideals.

Promote your purpose – champion your cause – speak up for your rights – celebrate your ideals – motivate your mission – find your freedom – Continue reading

Jul 14

Astro Trendy Transit Tracker > July 15 – 21, 2013


This is an historic week as JUPITER – SATURN – NEPTUNE align in a WATER GRAND TRINE.
Mars-conjunct-JUPITER – is also part of the WATER GRAND TRINE – this is a summer WINDOW opportunity to RAISE your consciousness – at least through most of August when the window closes – NOW is the time!
Faith through responsibility and compassion – and this energy will reverberate ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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This week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS… Continue reading