Dec 09

The alarm clock is ringing: WOKE UP! **

First Quarter Moon in Pisces: Calling Softly, Metaphor Minor


Big things are happening. BIG planets are making IMPORTANT aspects. They have an important message for us.
And their ALARMS won’t quit ringing thru 2017.

So what’s going on? And where are we headed? Here are some clues to help you get WOKE Continue reading

Nov 24

ThanksGiving: fear and bloating

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21
Sun @ 0 Sagittarius 00 on Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 4:22:23 PM ET

Jupiter square Pluto – Thanksgiving Day
Mercury stations RETROGRADE – December 19, the day the Electoral College meets
Saturn trines Uranus – Christmas Eve

On ThanksGiving Day, JUPITER, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in Libra and exactly square Pluto-in-Capricorn. The balance of power and ethics is being challenged. You can be feeling HUNGRY for something. More sounds good. But is there such a thing as too much? Can you stuff in one more bite of stuffing? A hearty appetite makes for a delicious meal that, in this case, is also VERY filling. Even bloating.

But more is on the table than turkey this Thanksgiving.

There’s also conversation that is likely to turn to our current inflammatory style of politics. And that may not mix well with a belly full of turkey and fixin’s.

But this is an astrology blog, so we’re going to look at Thanksgiving from an astrological/spiritual perspective, especially appropriate as Jupiter, ruler of THANKSGIVING, and Thursdays, exactly squares Pluto ON ThanksGiving Day. And it doesn’t end today, this square continues throughout 2017. How can we find our gratitude? And how can we find balance (Jupiter in Libra) in the midst of conflict (square Pluto)?

Pluto is the lord of transformation. And death and rebirth. Something is dying, something will be reborn. But first, there is a transformation process to GO THROUGH that cannot be sidestepped or made light of – or the rebirth will not be positive. This is serious stuff. Even serious Saturn is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius – conjunct Mercury, so there isn’t much light except dark humor.

The traditional reading for Jupiter-square-Pluto reads like it was ripped directly out of current events. Religious, moral, ethical power plays. Coercion through beliefs. Arrogance taken to extremes. No need for personal improvement. Conflict of interest especially in finances, insurance, taxes, inheritance, corporate funding. Dishonorable achievement of power. Large undertakings without groundwork. Confused sexual morality.

People chose this. Why? Because they thought they would become more powerful, successful, win – at home and abroad (Jupiter rules travel and “the world” and abundance, success). Just reach out and the world is yours. There is little regard for insights, which has been a long time coming as evidenced in our focus on memes and annoyance with anything deeper. This is not about blame. Many of us are overwhelmed by TOO MUCH conflicting information. We need it simplified. There is SO MUCH information that we need filters to process it. And then there’s the anger and rage at what we don’t or won’t understand, so we troll and get into our anger, more and more, opening ourselves to trolls from other countries and entities that take advantage and spread false information that is gobbled up as proof. It wouldn’t work if we weren’t open to it. It would just wash off like water.

So what were we hoping to achieve? Financial growth, more money, we thought we would win. Some of us were greedy, enough just wasn’t enough. Many were just plain scared. And that made it difficult to think beyond the moment. Perhaps we simply have to embrace the darkness that threatens and hangs impending and surrounds us. And still be thankful, grateful, for just being here as witness to our time, to living our lives. Or perhaps we thought we could upend things and it would all rain down in perfect form, making everything great. Perhaps we are here to light up the darkness and now we have plenty to work with.

The Problem? This is a SQUARE of Jupiter-Pluto. That means the power we think is simply going to be ours – may not be. It may actually bring more conflict of interests that can be financial, ethical, moral, legal, and traditional. And the powerful may have little interest in anyone who is not powerful.

Rebuild infrastructure? Maybe not. There may be too much dissension and disagreement. Rebuild the economy? Not so fast – why give up anything. Rebuild international trade to benefit workers? Probably not this year.

Yet, this is a JUPITER transit. And Jupiter is hope. So there must be possibilities and potential for a positive future – even if there is a challenge.

So how do we proceed in a time of standstill? How do we feel empowered (Pluto) when our beliefs are fueled by endless, even compulsive, negativity? How do we find faith (Jupiter) when confronted with potential (Jupiter) disaster (Pluto). How do we laugh when the joke isn’t funny. This is Thanksgiving, so perhaps by finding gratitude (Jupiter) for all we DO have, even if it’s not “enough.” Even if it’s a challenge (square). Mostly os us want to know is when this will end and what will replace it. We skim over the difficult parts looking for “good things” and fun stuff, yet wisdom (Jupiter) can only be uncovered when we are willing to invest in deeper understanding. We want change without changing. We want conflict to end without gaining wisdom into why there are conflicts. Then we want to complain that cruel “fate” rules our lives. We want to hate and be loved. But taking the larger view, this is not really what we want.

Jupiter shows that people are ready for more prosperity, willing to do what it takes. Yet, the square to Pluto shows nothing has happened. We are barely coming out of a 5-year Uranus-Pluto square that held back progress.

Pluto is erosion. Jupiter is beliefs. Our beliefs are eroding, breaking down, going through a metamorphosis. More people were willing to throw it all out to create something new, even if everything breaks in the process. We need a new way to believe. We need a new perspective. Jupiter-square-Pluto suggests how important it is to be open to new paths to success. While we need to honor the old ways, insisting that things go back to the way they were can be an obsession that leads nowhere. Jupiter will square Pluto for the next year.

Jupiter-square-Pluto is not the only major long-term transit that starts now and continues throughout 2017.

More clues…!

On Christmas Eve, Saturn will start its yearlong trine to Uranus. Authorities you believe in can easily and quickly make surprising changes. Since Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign – Sagittarius – and trine Uranus-in-Aries (conjunct Eris), there will be opportunities to expand by learning new skills. To see where this is possible, we can look at the planets involved in the transits for 2017. Increasing skills that involve technology, making higher eduction more available to those who want to pursue degrees, believe in a grander brighter future.

So what to do now? Many of us feel we have taken a giant step BACKWARDS into the past as the culture embraces old codes we thought we had worked through. If we play the man-of-the-hill game, we will lose. The man on top will always win. To stay on the high road, and not play a rigged game, we need to remember the dream that goes beyond politics as usual. This is still possible, but not if we give in to those on top of the power hill. If we give them our energy, they’ll take it and leave us low. It’s not winning or losing. It’s holding the light. As ligthworkers, we came here to shine a light in the dark. Now we have a grand opportunity, with plenty of darkness to light up.

And not a small detail — Mercury’s next RETROGRADE station is December 19 @ 5:55 AM ET – the day the Electoral College meets to confirm Donald J. Trump as President Elect.

Mercury stations @ 15 Capricorn 07, just ONE degree shy of an exact conjunction with PLUTO @ 16 Capricorn 31. Something isn’t working with this election.

On December 19, the Jupiter-square-Pluto that starts on Thanksgiving starts moving out of orb, but this square happens again throughout 2017 (March 30, August 4) as Jupiter stations Retrograde. This power struggle is not over. Mercury stations Retrograde just shy of an exact conjunction with Pluto, but this is just a temporary set back for executive power and full power may be achieved when Mercury stations Direct and conjuncts Pluto at the end of January (Jan 29, 2017 Mercury will exactly conjunct Pluto @ 18 Capricorn). The Mercury-Pluto conjunction is VERY close to square Uranus so unexpected changes can catapult the new President into a position of expanded power.

Also at the end of January, Mars will enter Aries and be at the Aries Point (1 Aries 12 when Mercury conjuncts Pluto) spiking the potential for taking strong action. Stay aware and stay attuned… And hold the light.

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Sep 08

First Quarter Moon celebrates Jupiter: yay?


Jupiter only changes signs once a year. This is the day Jupiter enters Libra – and it happens exactly with the First Quarter Moon – in Sagittarius, ruler of Jupiter.

This is the year of NEGOTIATING.
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