Oct 08

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: power storm

First Quarter Moon
Sunday, October 9, 2016
@ 12:33 AM EDT
in Capricorn

It’s a power storm of a First Quarter Moon – turning the inside out. Let’s find some clearing… Continue reading

Sep 08

First Quarter Moon celebrates Jupiter: yay?


Jupiter only changes signs once a year. This is the day Jupiter enters Libra – and it happens exactly with the First Quarter Moon – in Sagittarius, ruler of Jupiter.

This is the year of NEGOTIATING.
Continue reading

Feb 14

First Quarter Moon: keeping it Supremely real

First Quarter Moon on Monday, February 15, 2016

Moon @ 26 Taurus 03
Sun @ 26 Aquarius 03
Monday, February 15, 2016 @ 2:47 AM EST

The First Quarter Moon is waxing, moving towards FULL on February 22. This chart reveals exactly what is happening now and suggests what we need to do – and why… Continue reading

Jan 11

Astro Currents: Relief! First Quarter Moon, Mercury Retrograde halftime


This week also contains a chart for David Bowie and a few lines about his chart, shared with the greatest love & appreciation for all he gave us.

If last week was tense, this week can somewhat of be a relief. Ah…. Continue reading

Jan 07

First Quarter Moon and a Grand Square: making your New Year’s resolutions stick


First Quarter Moon – in Aries

Venus and Jupiter both reach the middle of their Retrograde cycles this week.
The First Quarter Moon underscores their interactions with other planets – and each other.
And in this chart, we can see how we’re doing with our 2014 resolutions – and find some keys to sustaining them. Continue reading