Oct 31

Steamy, leaky email: investigations and revelations

Astrology has a few things to say about what’s going on with the latest revelations in the US presidential election. The astrology of the week ahead has all the components of the latest email scandal: covert secrets, scandals, investigations, confusion, illusion, sexuality, money, power, cover-ups, and revelations as the Sun & Mercury positively aspect Neptune & Pluto. Continue reading

Oct 30

New Moon in Scorpio: let’s make magic


New Moon in Scorpio
October 30, 2016
1:39 PM EDT
@ 7 Scorpio 43

The Scorpio New Moon is the time when all the cobwebs come out of hiding. It’s the time to make magic.

Scared yet? When you release your fears, you can make magic.

You can’t have both at once, and Scorpio asks us to choose – fear or magic.

But Scorpio gives us the gift of releasing our fears so we can let magic happen. Continue reading

Oct 22

The Sun enters Scorpio – but first, a Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon
Sun enters Scorpio
October 22, 2016

Just 4 1/2 hours before the Sun enters Scorpio, Libra sends out its last call for peace with a Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.
Continue reading

Oct 08

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: power storm

First Quarter Moon
Sunday, October 9, 2016
@ 12:33 AM EDT
in Capricorn

It’s a power storm of a First Quarter Moon – turning the inside out. Let’s find some clearing… Continue reading