April 7, 2016: Super New Moon @ Light Speed

April 7, 2016 – 7:24 AM EDT
Moon & Sun @ 18 Aries 04

Both the Moon and Sun are approaching a conjunction with Uranus in Aries.
Moon conjuncts Uranus several hours later @ 10:56 AM EDT
Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 9
The Moon is at its closest point in orbit to the Earth: This is a SUPER New Moon
The next New Moon is also a SUPER New Moon

We’re moving at the speed of light. This Aries New Moon is electrical!

This is the yearly Aries New Moon – time to reset YOU. What do YOU want to do? Who do YOU want to be? You can get in touch with yourself even more when you’re active. Move. Instead of holding back, share yourself. Instead of wondering what everyone can do FOR you, do it for yourself. If you’re not sure of yourself, just starting DOING something. You can connect with your self-confidence when you’re active, in motion,

This New Moon can be volatile and intense. It’s a SUPER New Moon, which means the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit. We may FEEL the effects of the Moon a little more. We don’t SEE the New Moon (unless there’s a Solar Eclipse) so we don’t notice it. Yet, the New Moon is a seed time with more power than a Full Moon to shape our lives, especially this New Moon in pioneering Aries which highlights the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. Transitions are not necessarily easy, and we can be feeling the fear or apprehension of transition at this New Moon in Aries.

Fear may sell, but astrology can do more than leave us hanging. Astrology can give us a heads up to make changes in our thoughts and plans. Fear can alert us – there’s lots of energy in the feeling of fear. When we let ourselves feel the energy of fear, we can open vast reserves of blocked energy.

The sudden changes suggested by the conjunction of the Moon & Sun with Uranus can be difficult if you have become too hardened and calcified, too set in your ways or expectations. This New Moon wants to shake up our resistance to change. It reminds each of us that we are individuals, and may not automatically go along with the group mind. You are too unique for that.

Hurry up and wait…

Things are changing. But not as quickly as it may seem or you’d like. Mars is the ruler of the New Moon in Aries. And Mars is stationing Retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars only stations Retrograde once every 2 years, and it’s happening this April.

Mars represents the energy of starting new things – and that often requires some spark and motion. And plenty of oomph. Too much? Aggressive energy can create trouble. Many people shy away from standing out, yet each of us has a personal energy style. Mars insists that we stand on our own 2 feet – as ourselves. Mars shows where you stand out. Yet, it is an act of courage because when you stand up for yourself (or others), you can also become a target. That doesn’t mean sit down to stay safe. But it can be a time of becoming more clear and courageous about who you are and what you stand for.

Ruler Mars is stationing Retrograde (exact on April 17)

When Mars is Rx, we can lose the momentum we’ve fought hard to achieve. But what is our momentum based on? If it comes from our inner spark, it’s valid. If it’s our ego pushing to get more or get there first, we may be pushing too hard or in the wrong direction.

Mars Rx puts a cramp in your energy if your energy is not aligned with who you are because that creates friction and resistance – from within yourself. And that can also feel like it’s coming from others. While Mars is Rx, you may think more about how you use your energy. What impact do you have on others? You can quickly catch yourself self-sabotaging, turn it around, and fulfill your intentions – without getting sidetracked or set back. Getting to the finish line is the goal.

The feeling of having to rush can be very exciting, yet also exaggerated and misleading at this New Moon in Aries. Even if you make revisions later, this is the start of a new path – an excellent time to make plans. It can be very exciting. Even if it takes a bit longer to reach your goals than it seems (like it should) right now.

The New Moon in Aries – conjunct electrical innovator Uranus – motivates us to think and move quickly. While Mars stationing Retrograde slows us down. It can seem like a rude awakening, yet give us cause to think more about actions that are unproductive or counterproductive – which, like the New Moon, may not be immediately obvious. Instead of feeling that we’re being too withdrawn or introverted while Mars is Rx, take another look at how you act, your energy level, your drive, your expression of YOU. Note any exaggerations and observe how you stretch the truth. You may start to use energy more adeptly and productively. And that may the perfect response to the unpredictable volatility of this New Moon.

Chart for the New Moon in Aries (in NYC):
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