Summer Solstice 2015: ready, set… LEAP!


Summer Solstice
Sun enters Cancer @ 12:37:55 PM EDT

Happy Solstice!

It’s officially Summer and the longest day of the year (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and Winter and the shortest day of the year (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).

Either way, this is the chart (set in NYC)

As the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, it is also at its most Northern Declination, which is 23N26. This is the Tropic of Cancer. 2000 years ago, the Sun was also in the constellation of Cancer, perfectly aligned with the Tropical Zodiac. Now the Sun @ Solstice is actually in the constellation of Gemini. But this is Tropical Astrology, a/k/a Western Astrology, and it is based on when the Sun lines up with the declinations, i.e., Tropic of Cancer (Summer), Tropic of Capricorn (Winter), and the Equator (Spring and Autumn Equinox).

The interesting thing about the chart for Solstice is all the planets at the very ends of signs. Mars is at 28 Gemini 09 and will enter Cancer on June 24, The Moon is at 29 Leo 49, Saturn is at 29 Scorpio 35 (moving backwards or Retrograde).

The Moon is the ruler of the Sun in Cancer. And since the Moon is in Leo and the Sun in Cancer, they are in “mutual reception,” which means they work effortlessly together. We want to be known as good people who care about others. Sometimes, we can take this too far, trying to help others regardless of whether they ask or not. We may feel we never “get” enough love, especially if we bypass feeling our love within first. There are many reasons this happens, mostly our circuits get jammed by what we’ve been taught to feel about ourselves.

Since this is Solstice, and we are looking at the SUN at its highest declination, it’s a good time to look at all tule planetary declinations. And there we see Mars, even higher than the Sun (@ 24 N 05), which means Mars is “out of bounds.” Translation: Mars is a wild card. It can do anything. This can account for the spike in angry behavior, mostly through words since Mars is at the very end of Gemini (also in Gemini in the sidereal zodiac). Mars in the last degrees of Gemini can be “fighting words,” according to Helen Adams Garret in her very helpful booklet “The Anaretic Degree 29th.” Words can provoke. Arguments are possible. Someone may want to challenge you verbally. Trolls can attack. And then on Wednesday, Mars enters Cancer, and emotions can overtake the urge to attack. We may rather feel the sense of belonging, than the desire to separate ourselves.

If you feel the pressure to make a big change this summer, or even right now, you may feel you have to jump off a cliff (Mars is quincunx Saturn). This can be overwhelming and scary. Especially if you think the only way to go is down. You can feel like you’re falling, or failing. Or you can trust in the flow – shining brightly at Solstice, tune into the love that supports you, and let it surround and lift you. This is not airy fairy – this is real. And you deserve it!

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