Summer Eclipses 2017: activation

Eclipses are openings into new possibilities. We are submerged into the dark – and wait for the light to return – and then we celebrate.

The August 21st Eclipse is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse – the most potent.

What is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE? When the New Moon moves in front of the Sun, perfectly aligning with the Sun, casting it’s shadow on the Sun, literally eclipsing the Sun. The Sun goes dark. We can see the stars during the day. We don’t see the New Moon unless the it passes in front of the Sun.

On May 15, the North Lunar Node conjuncts the degree of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – 28 Leo 52 – coming August 21. Since the Nodes move so slowly, this will be in effect – and felt – for the entire month of May, especially in the USA because the ENTIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE will be on the US mainland. And also, because the Eclipse degree, and the current position of the North Node – is conjunct Donald Trump’s Ascendant-Mars conjunction. And this matters because he is the president of the country and his influence is felt nationwide – as well as worldwide.

So it is ESPECIALLY important to tune in to events happening now because they are a preview of Summer 2017.

North Node Eclipses are times to reach into the dark subconscious of the past and bring what’s been hidden into the light. Secrets are revealed. And right now, there are a of secrets that need to be unraveled – if we’re interested in continuing our democracy. It’s not a given. It is very likely there is more than the details of the firing of Director Comey that will come to light starting now and continuing all summer. Exactly on May 15, a new story is breaking about security secrets revealed to Russian diplomats.

This is true for private citizens as well, since any planet being activated by this Eclipse will have secrets that can be revealed. More on this as we go….

Mars is also crucial in the current chart and in the Eclipse because Mars is currently out-of-bounds through early June. And Mars will conjunct the Eclipse degree on September 3. (On the Eclipse, Mars will be approaching the Eclipse degree and just 4 degrees from the North Node and 8 degrees from the Sun-Moon conjunction – New Moon). Mars out-of-bounds can make energy and aggression go outside the bounds of predictability.

Mars will be conjunct Regulus at the Eclipse, tendency to hasty over reaction – at a time when calm patience can be the best option for survival, take a breath, take your time, don’t react. Conflicts continuous if revenge is taken, especially if the king. First eclipse in this cycle was when CT put together its first Constitution. Also, this is the first TOTAL Solar Eclipse to occur 100% on the continental US since 1776, when the first Constitution was signed. This can also portend a constitutional crisis.

There is more information, but the news was breaking so fast it felt important to get this online asap. More to come….

Chart for the North Node @ degree of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017:
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