Spring Equinox: off off balance

Vernal Equinox
March 20, 2014
@ 12:57:07 PM EDT
Sun @ 0 Aries 00; 00 N 000

EQUINOX is a time of balance – the light is exactly balanced between light and dark. Are you feeling balanced now? If you are balanced or not, this can help you understand be why….

Equinox is about the Sun. The SUN is exactly at the Equator at Noon, moving north.

The Sun in the Equinox chart shows our balance on Earth. At the time of Equinox, the Sun makes no exact aspects to any planets. This means it makes no connections and has no influence from others, except a quincunx from Ceres. We are off balance with the Mother Goddess, or Mother Earth.

The Sun in Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars (the masculine, giving principle) is currently in Venus-ruled Libra (the feminine, receptive principle), which means Mars is out of alignment and is not strong. Like the Sun, Mars doesn’t connect (make aspects) with any other planets – only with Goddess Asteroids Vesta and Pallas. Mars is also moving backwards, called Retrograde. For all these reasons, Mars, the warrior, is not in a position of strength.

Astrologically, Mars is considered debilitated. The main theme of MARS is ACTION. In Libra and Rx, motivation for ACTION is hidden, not upfront. Cagey. This is a passive/aggressive Mars. It has strong needs, but won’t admit it, and will try to fulfill its passions without being upfront.

While Mars makes several aspects to the Goddess Asteroids (conjunct Vesta and sextile Pallas) and is close to a conjunction with the Lunar North Node (moving toward the future), it makes no other aspects to any of the planets. Mars is riding this out alone. And Mars-in-Libra is not in its usual role of the strong, masculine man. In relationship-oriented Libra, there are other things going on, including the need to find harmony through diplomacy, which Mars doesn’t really want to acknowledge. Not outwardly. And outwardly is how Mars operates.

What does this say about our state of BALANCE? It shows we are not very balanced, and that the male principle, dynamic and outgoing, is in need of adjustment.

While the Feminine principle seeks relatedness – as symbolized by Mars in Venus-ruled Libra – the Masculine principle is geared to action. The need to relate seems like backsliding to Mars. Yet this chart shows that’s exactly what we need.

Does diplomacy turn us into wusses? Does relating make us weak?

If we think so, or thought so, even slightly, why is that? Because the masculine principle can appear weak if anything beneath its image of invincible strength becomes too visible, potentially revealing weak spots to the enemy. The armor must be intact for the warrior to hold his image, his position.

Anything that hints of a lack of confidence, that shows any flaws or lack of courage, takes away our bragging rights, and can weaken our social status. Any visible lack of authority can be seen as weakness.

And why does any of this matter? Because as a society, we tend to value masculine over feminine principles. We want to appear strong and capable, and the feminine is seen as weaker because it needs to relate. And to relate, the feminine needs to be open and vulnerable enough to risk failure and rejection. As a society, we are changing this, and the chart for Spring Equinox shows that we need to continue to adjust these values until we find balance. Meanwhile, during Mars Rx, we can find the places in ourselves we still hold these values.

This Spring is about finding balance between giving and receiving. To receive, you need to be open. Otherwise, you can only give. When you can do both, you create balance.

Chart for Spring Equinox (in NYC):
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7 thoughts on “Spring Equinox: off off balance

  1. wow- thanks Lauren!
    I feel this is playing out -literally through my 21 year old son and I. He’s in such turmoil and anger and frustration around the apparent “lack” of forward movement in his life (creative, financial and romantic). His anger manifests passively mostly- but lately aggressively too. He is self-medicating more than ever- and I “the Ceres” mother am also finding it quite difficult to maintain my own balance and appropriate boundaries. Errr feels like such a stalemate and with him back in my space-I’m spinning and stressed. (as I have my own “standstill”-professionally to be with 🙁 But I can see the astrological “workings” behind this and somehow that is helpful 🙂

    • Until present times, astrology only told us what “good” or “bad” things were going to happen, and there was no healing, no remediation offered, except for Vedic which provided gem stones. and if you could afford them, and keep them in your possession, they promised assistance. but now we are growing in consciousness, and so we can use astrology as a healing tool. astrologically, you cannot reach your son’s anger issues by taking a direct path. Ceres, the mother, is quincunx the Equinox Sun, which means you can only reach him indirectly, through an unusual stretch or indirect approach. setting an example instead of laying down the law. wherever mars is traveling in your chart, this is where you need to readjust your own energy. currently in your 8th house, mars can mean reassessing your family relationships, as well as you relationship to money and your sexuality. you need to get your mojo working again! sometimes, and we are especially reminded of this when mars is rx, doing nothing at all is the only way we can get the clarity to take effective action. this means ONLY acting when you are truly motivated.and this is deep, inner motivation in your 8th house. no ‘shoulds’ or ‘supposed to’s.’ mars, our own energy, periodically needs our inner focus to readjust itself. hope this helps bring more light- with Love, Lauren

  2. Thank you so much Lauren for your very insightful response 🙂 I hadn’t read this until today and interestingly- yesterday, there was a very welcomed shift of the energies between my son and I . I spent much of Thursday and early Friday in prayer and reflection- ( and remembering that “vortexing-out” you told me about 😉 – I got very clear and “detached” (which so difficult for me) and felt a confidence and “support” within me surface- then an opportunity presented itself for us to calmly talk- and for me to unemotionally and unapologetically set some clear expectations of him when he is staying home with me. He was very accepting and understanding of my position and consequently(synchronicity ? 🙂 got offered another opportunity to go back to NYC to work on his music. Being “clear” and strong in myself (while holding compassion) has often been so hard for me – but this latest variation (blow-up) between us -I now see as a blessing for me to face my deepest fears around “mothering” and by doing so- releasing BOTH of us. I’m sure this is all a work in progress for me- but it did feel big nonetheless. And I think perhaps it has opened a place within me to be truly “available” to myself and others….maybe it kicked started my mojo too- here’s hoping (wishing I was Stella right now and getting my groove back … 🙂 xo

    • The key is to care while not letting yourself get involved in his (or anyone else’s) drama. That will drag you down to a place where you cannot let your light shine. Then you are both in the dark. Allow him his drama, but you don’t have to go there as well.

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