Electric Spring – Equinox 2013

banner-tsq-tulipsMarch 20 – SPRING EQUINOX – 7:02 AM EDT – Sun enters Aries – Sun @ 00 N 00

Ready for a LIVELY Spring?! We’re blasting off, in different directions….

As the Sun enters Aries, it is quickly approaches Mars – ruler of Aries.
ENERGY! Sun joins ruler Mars as they BOTH join wild, unpredictable Uranus – and that can turn the fire of Mars into FIREWORKS. This ENERGY is EXPLOSIVE.

This is SHARP HOT energy. Getting impatient can provoke explosive anger. Tempers can heat UP. In a heartbeat.

You may be able to put that LASER FOCUS ENERGY to good use on your current projects. And if you’re insulting in your haste, you can apologize later 🙂

Easy does it!

The Sun in Pisces was not making any aspects for awhile – which means it was not making connections. The feeling of standing still yet having to get things done may have been frustrating. Energy is building – with no where to go. Until Equinox.

Even without definite plans, you may have been feeling exciting energy building for awhile – despite the weather, SPRING is already in the air – and will be here on Wednesday. This is not just any ol’ generic Spring. Get your sunglasses ready. This SPRING is likely to have some flash & dazzle!


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The Future is NOW

Upgrades – Spontaneous Ideas
Cyber Attacks – ?
Flaming the Fires
Group Violence – Group Intimidation – Group Tactics
New Groups for a New Time
Explosive changes in Networking and Broadcasting
The Pioneering Spirit
Fierce Unpredictable Events – WILD Weather – Arguments

Audaciously Independent

Impatiently IMPATIENT…. ….

No-Rules – All-or-nothing

exciting STARTS !

Suddenly dropping it all – moving on…

The Sun in Aries – moving quickly towards Mars and Uranus – that’s BIG news. But that’s not all. Mars and Uranus have also moved into a very rare and potent aspect pattern – the DOUBLE YOD.

Aries – the first sign of the zodiac – ruled by planet Mars.
Mars entered Aries (March 12)
Mars is in its rulership sign – means it is much MORE powerful – in this case, faster, sharper, hotter

Mars is conjunct Uranus – this AMPS up the energy, sending it out over every network because Uranus electrifies networks. Looking at the chart, we can see where the energy is going. More on that later.

This is a FIERY MARS – yet there is one thing keeping this Mars in balance – by declination (position relative to the Earth’s ecliptic) close to the Equator – enlarged but balanced. Mars moves out-of-bounds – with Jupiter – during July and August.
{find out more about Declinations on artcharts}

Mostly everything about this chart fans the flames. Mars is approaching a sextile to Jupiter – adding extra energy to the excitement.

Spring is also a time ULTIMATE success – when we communicate.
Like the chart right before Hurricane Sandy, this shows the potential for the perfect aspects coming together to form a KITE – exact with the coming FULL MOON.
Moon-Mercuryy-Saturn form a GRAND TRINE – PLUTO at the APEX (the Moon opposes PLUTO in the Equinox Chart on March 20). That’s a KITE. Perfection achieved. Mercury in Pisces is approaching trine to Saturn in Scorpio on March 28.

Back to the energy network… present and future

(details below in the Astrologer’s Corner)
FATE makes a grand appearance – probably without much warning – as Mars in its own sign ARIES conjuncts unpredictably explosive Uranus.
The double YOD becomes EXACT with the Full Moon on March 27 as MARS – heat – moves into exact position [11 Aries] at the upcoming FULL MOON on March 27.

From the last DOUBLE YOD on February 15 – the DOUBLE ASTEROID YOD – we learned more about the ‘gotcha’ nature of the double YOD. We witnessed it – live – as we watched attentively for a passing Asteroid while another came from out of the blue and blindsided us. This chart, and the ensuing events, showed us the importance of the Asteroids in the charts.

2 events occur at once – they are related by timing, yet unrelated.

The problem with YODS – we can’t really be in 2 places at once. You can keep a steady watch on your blindside 24/7 – and something will come from the side you’re not watching. This is why YODS feel like FATE – and double YODS are the ones you that are impossible to escape. You can’t control what happens. You can be as vigilant as possible, yet you can get blindsided.

There is considerable MISPLACED energy – and with a strong showing of ARIES PLANETS IN ARIES – this energy can energize aggression. Is it any wonder we finally show sympathy – and it’s for the rapists? Watching the “killer” who gave the families of those he killed the stiff middle today, feeling more anger at him is senseless. It is sad that he can’t even feel it – that there is no way to communicate inner feelings. That aggression replaces compassion – literally in the chart as we’ll see looking at the CLASSICAL astrology, coming up… When we give each other the message that we really just don’t care, how do we think the youth will reflect that?

The MOON in the EQUINOX chart is in early Cancer – square the Sun and Mars – in the Cancer decanate of Cancer. Beneath a tough exterior is a sea of human emotion.

This SPRING will require FAST THINKING. To move quickly, you’ll your intuition. And to access your intuition, you need an open mind. If you resist whatever asks you to think in new ways, the resistance to learning is what will grow.

Still lagging behind? Mercury is behind the pack – in Pisces. After stationing Direct (March 17) @ 5 Pisces 37, at EQUINOX Mercury is just starting to move forward in Pisces (5 Pisces 57). This gives us more opportunities to ADAPT. (Mercury was the weather significator for the Northeast US, showing winter HOLDS ON) We may find time to have that in-depth conversation, see through and clear up old karmic patterns, release hidden emotions that have been holding you back.

Feeling neglected and treated like an old doormat, it may be time for a conversation that does not condescend to you or belittle your feelings. It’s not about finding fault – and – it’s not about changing the WORDS you’re saying – but it is about discovering where you have taken things SO personally you changed the tone of the discussion. Talking about it – journaling about it – once again – may help release what was never intended to be processed. Mercury will enter Aries on April 13. So there’s still time to see through the mist…

Ruler MARS makes noteworthy CLASSICAL aspects at EQUINOX. The classical technique of Equinox and Solstice points – called antiscia and contra-antiscia – can be mapped like DNA coils. Using EQUINOX as a stationary point – planets equal distance from the EQUINOX – in either direction – are contra-antisccia. (Planets equal distance to the SOLSTICE points are antiscia.)

At Equinox, ruler Mars and Venus are contra-antiscia. Mars is also contra-antiscia the Sun. Leave it to the classical astrologers to let us know – bluntly – this does not show kind tendencies. It shows plenty of anger – and many of us ARE feeling angry and frustrated and ready for SOMETHING to give. Many see the AGGRESSOR as more of a VICTIM than those they victimized. Have we truly turned the tables and now see the aggressors as the good guys. What about when WE are the VICTIM? The tables are likely to turn again quickly over the next week.

Classical astrology says this is when vanity and personal glory come FIRST. It shows energy that would rather fight than compromise. And maybe the most aggressive could win BIG – except for the upcoming FULL MOON – as the LIBRA MOON opposes all the planets in ARIES – when public opinion may not side with overt aggression.

Next post – The Full Moon and friends

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Astrology Chart for Spring Equinox (NYC)

Chart showing only the sextile and quincunx aspects so double YODS is more visible:

You may notice the SUN sitting right on the Ascendant in NYC. Here it is on an astro*map. You can see the Sun on the Ascendant almost directly through NYC (the exact location is just to the east in mid Nassau county).

spring equinox astro map

spring equinox astro map

March 17. Mercury stations Direct. Forward motion.
March 20 – SPRING EQUINOX – 7:02 AM EDT – Sun enters Aries – Sun @ 00 N 00
March 21 – Saturn trines Chiron

The Sun in Aries – moving quickly towards Mars and Uranus – that’s BIG news. But that’s not all. Mars and Uranus have also moved into a very rare and potent aspect pattern – the DOUBLE YOD.
Mars AND Uranus are about to sextile Jupiter quincunx (inconjunct) Saturn.
So there are rules, even if they are imposed indirectly.

Aries – the first sign of the zodiac – ruled by planet Mars.
Mars entered Aries (March 12)
Mars by declination is at 2 N 03

[YOD Planets include: Mars @ 11 Aries – quincunx – Pluto @ 11 Capricorn – sextile – SATURN @ 10 Scorpio – quincunx – Jupiter @ 11 Gemini – sextile Mars @ 11 Aries]
That’s Mars – Pluto – Saturn – Jupiter
with Saturn and Jupiter at the APEX points –
inconjunct (quincunx) each other and
forming the basis of a very tight DOUBLE YOD

DOUBLE YOD: 2 (isosceles) triangles – or YODS – are exactly joined, forming a square. The 2 focal points of the triangles are pointing in opposite directions. THe FOCAL point planets of the YODS point out the direction, and they are going in different directions that have nothing to do with one another. (See the chart above for a graphic)

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  1. Laurel.

    You do great work. You really nailed it with your comment about cyber attacks. See the attack in South Korea. They are saying it came from China.

    “Hold on this is gonna be a bumpy ride!”
    Bette Davis

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