The Great American Eclipse of 2017: WAKE UP!


TOTAL Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017
2:30:10 PM EDT
Greatest TOTALITY – longest is @ Nashville, TN (2 minutes, 40.2 seconds)
1:30:10 PM CDT
Moon & Sun @ 28 Leo 52
Saros Cycle 1N




This is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse of that opens the portal to a new consciousness with the potential for great transformation. Each of us has a choice – emergence or emergency.

SOLAR ECLIPSES occur at the New Moon (the Moon passes in front of the Sun, blocking it temporarily, only a few minutes). And since it is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse, the Moon will completely cover the Sun along the path of the TOTAL Eclipse.

When the Sun is darkened by the Moon, we will be able to see planets and stars in the sky we never see in daylight. At the Eclipse, Mercury and Mars will be visible.

Since the New Moon is just 3 days after Perigee (closest to the Earth on Friday, August 18), the Moon will fully cover the Sun. (Note: this is the SECOND New Moon in Leo this year, the first was at 0 Leo 44 on July 23.)

Aug 21 Solar Eclipse. The fixed star Regulus is eclipsed. Babylonians predicted – “if Regulus is black, the “commander of the palace will die.” The placement of the Eclipse indicates that revenge is especially dangerous. A “king” will be challenged who threatens the world order and order will be restored unexpectedly. Fortunate turn of events.

Eclipses are called doorways, portals to new consciousness. The doorway to a new consciousness is open. And since this is a free-will universe, each of us gets to choose whether or not to walk through that doorway.

Eclipses occur when the Nodes of the Moon are within 18 degrees of the Sun or Moon at a New (Solar Eclipse) or 13 degrees of a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse).

Ascending Node – Moon @ the North Node – brings something towards you, the future is coming.
Descending Node – Moon @ the South Node – moving away, letting go, releasing the past.
Eclipse Season when Sun is within 18 degrees of either side of the Eclipse Degree. So an “Eclipse season” is about 35 days.

The Sun is our conscious focus. The Moon represents ego, instinct, feeling our way, intuition, fate. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The Moon doesn’t make conscious choices. It’s not rational. It doesn’t choose, it reflects and reacts.

Solar Eclipses are “egoic takeovers” as the Moon (ego) blocks the Sun (consciousness). At the Solar Eclipse, our ability to make conscious choices is eclipsed.

In Leo, this is the time the channel to Sirius is strongest (dog days of summer), opening us to new downloads of advanced information. Combined with the Trine to Uranus, this is a big opportunity for advancement.

The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 21 is “The Great American Eclipse.” The entire TOTALITY takes place on the continental United States (when I first wrote this, it was BIG news). This is the first time this has happened since 1776. There are so many coincidences happening at the Eclipse that it is truly awesome. We are at a major turning point, moving towards a NEW age. And since the TOTAL ECLIPSE is a NORTH NODE Eclipse trine Uranus, we are moving quickly towards the future (Uranus and the North Node, both symbols of the future). This portends a BIG CHANGE for the USA. And since this Eclipse occurs in the 9th house in Washington, DC, it highlights legal matters, along with foreign affairs, morality, ethics, media/journalism/publishing, ideology, and may portend problems in these areas. Venus sextile Jupiter (natural ruler of the 9th house) can ease any serious problems and add some positive effects.

Astrologers are saying this is a great opportunity. The Moon & Sun are trine Uranus. Yes, it is a great opportunity to change – dramatically. However, the trine from the Moon&Sun to Uranus can signal unexpected surprises. Trines make things easy, effortless which in this case can be the proverbial “slippery slope.” We are in a time of crisis upon crisis upon crisis. And that means we are being called on to WAKE up, adapt, make changes that may be not comfortable but may be very exciting. Once we become more aware, the next step is to take responsibility. And that makes waking up, becoming more conscious, something we resist. But if we choose to walk through the doorway opening at this TOTAL Eclipse, we have to wake up.

Uranus symbolizes the Group, all of us, acting together, with the potential to expand our conscious awareness. Despite our differences, we are all part of humanity. And at the Eclipse, Uranus @ 28 Aries is trine the Moon & Sun @ 28 Leo 52. No matter how much we differ, we really are all in this together, on the same planet. And our planet is changing, our cultures are changing. We have a choice – move toward the future or sink into regression (Uranus is Retrograde, so is Mercury, Chiron, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn). We have the technology to come together like never before. We can communicate around in the world in seconds. So, will we take the leap to higher consciousness, knowing that means taking greater for our world? Or sink into oblivion. To do this we need to see and accept the essential humanity of everyone on the planet, even the people and organizations you oppose vehemently. We may. But here’s a caveat: the Sun @ 29 Leo is called the “anaretic” degree, or a “dark” Moon. In Leo it is dramatic and doesn’t really want to share the spotlight. At a time that calls for unity, hating on each other will alienate and sink us deeper and darker into regression and oblivion. Any planet or point you have at or around this degree, or opposing it, will be weakened.

This Eclipse is part of the Saros 1N or 145 cycle, a time of radical change, so it’s impossible to know how it will all turn out until after all the dust stirred up starts to settle – that’s really a personal choice. (If you look at the chart for the first Saros 1N/145 – there are 2 methods of numbering Eclipses -, the Moon is SQUARE Uranus. In the current Eclipse chart, the Moon & Sun are TRINE Uranus. January 4, 1639, Greenwich Time 4:56:19 AM, and you can set up that chart for where you live and adjust the time.) The change from Moon-Sun square Uranus to Moon-Sun TRINE Uranus shows we are on the brink of access to a NEW consciousness. And we have a choice – dark chaos, nightmare dystopian future, where paranoia rules and change is scary, destructive, hostile – or – step into the light chaos where creative, innovative change can happen. It may not be easy to dream a future that is not here yet, but that’s the work of the imagination, imagining what isn’t here quite yet, making it up as we go. The goal is not to focus on all the negative possibilities, unless you want to manifest them. Stop trying to figure out how to solve every potential problem that may arise. It’s ok if you do, it may help you to manifest a better life this way, but probably not your dream future. If you are hoping for revenge against all the people & groups you dislike or hate, you can find yourself dragged down into the negative, dystopian, nightmare future. Their fate/choices will steer the course of their future. This is the time to imagine YOUR BEST future, your dream come true. And this is where Mercury Retrograde is a blessing. Take a deep breath, relax and let yourself meditate, traveling to a space where all your current issues are long resolved. What beautiful life can you imagine?!

Mercury Retrograde is a reminder. We have to remember how to talk to each other. Not scream over each other, insult, use force or violence. We need to listen. It’s not easy, and speaking in a way that doesn’t alienate and provides space to share ideas is a good start.

This is the call to become all YOU are here to be.

When you go outside to watch the Eclipse, bring a Eclipses glasses and a jacket. The temperature drops about 15 degrees during the totality. The geomagnetic field of the Earth will be effected, and this is felt by every living organism on Earth. Also, the tides will be at their most extreme. Always true at a New or Full Moon and especially so at an Eclipse.

Trump Up Date:
At the Eclipse, transiting Sun & Moon are conjunct his natal Mars & Ascendant (depending on which time you use for the chart, there are 2) – striking back full force at perceived threats. This can also be a threat to his physical health, or with Mars, even to his physical existence, or it could be an uprising against him. All supported by the following aspects both transiting and Progressed:
Progressed Mercury-Pluto conjunction (13 Leo)
Transiting Mars is conjunct his Progressed Pluto (13 Leo)
Transiting Mars is conjunct his Pr Mercury (13 Leo) can’t stop tweeting, no way
His Progressed Mercury is conjunct his natal Pluto – creating the double whammy effect – this means it MANIFESTS and has the potential to cut deep
Transiting Mars opposes his Ceres

In early September, planets close to the Eclipse will conjunct the Eclipse degree. Mars will conjunct the Eclipse degree on September 5, Mercury stations Direct on the Eclipse Degree on September 5, and in Mercury direct motion on September 7. Mars, the energy planet, can trigger Eclipse activity. Mercury stationing Direct on the Eclipse degree can bring back issues that are still unresolved. We still have work to do!

Chart for the TOTAL Solar Eclipse (in Nashville, TN greatest totality of 2 minutes 40.2 seconds):

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