POTUS SOTU – astrology chart & 3 things 2 note

The POTUS will deliver the State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12, 2013
@ 9PM EST, in Washington DC. Here’s the chart and 3 patterns that POP out.

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This is President Obama’s 1st State of the Union of his 2nd term. To see how he might deliver the SOTU and be received, we can look at a biwheel chart – putting Barack Obama’s chart on the inside of the wheel, and a chart for Washingon, DC @ 9PM EST on the outside. Now we can see where the planets are and how they interact.

3 things 2 note:

    Jupiter conjunct natal Moon. Obama is coming from strength and positive energy. He stands strong within himself – Jupiter is conjunct his natal Moon at the bottom (4th house) of his chart.
    T-square to Obama’s Gemini Moon. Jupiter is conjunct his Moon, and square Obama’s Pluto. Transiting Mars opposes his Pluto and squares his Moon and transiting Jupiter. Transiting Moon enters Mars-ruled Aries 9 minutes before the SOTU address begins. Transiting Mars square Moon can cut, with the potential for it to be physical, yet in Pisces-Gemini, it could be verbal and emotional. Like foot-in-mouth. This transit pattern shows dangerous opposition that will vigorously oppose even his most generous optimistic authentic care and concern for the citizens he was elected to govern.
    The Moon-Mars connection also shows in the anticipation the subject of gun responsibility (preferred term) and the SOTU being (temporarily) pre-empted by the Dorner firestorm in San Bernadino
    For those who elected and stand with the President, this can be an inspirational speech, the kind of inspiration that propels and encourages you to take positive action – Mars trines Obama’s Neptune exactly, also Neptune, Chiron, and Mercury are trine his Neptune.

As the SOTU begins – exactly @ 9:15:48 PM EST in Washintgon, DC, the Moon is just into Aries @ 0Aries13, approaching a conjunction with Uranus and the 7th house cusp @ 8 Aries 14. This is going to be a progressive speech.

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