October 2018… what happened?

Was October 2018 “historic?” Here are the highlights….

HALLOWEEN !!!! Trick or Treat??? Retrograde Venus moves back into Libra on Halloween. hmmm. What could we possibly have forgotten about Libra? Perhaps some balance and civil diplomacy?

Venus and Sun are conjunct on October 26 – this is the halfway point of Venus Retrograde.
The Aztecs closely followed the orbit of Venus and “set armies marching” when Venus Retrograde disappeared into the rays of the Sun.

Time ticks on…. The SUN is in Scorpio. Tuesday, October 23 @ 7:22 AM EDT

BTW, quite an “interesting” chart for the 2018 Midterm Elections!
Starting with… Retrograde Uranus entering Aries on Election Day.

Friday, October 5 @ 3:04 PM EDT (while Susan Collins was speaking to the Senate) — VENUS stationed RETROGRADE @ 10 Scorpio 50

Venus is RETROGRADE October 5 – November 16

Venus moves back into Libra where it will station Direct @ 25 Libra 14 on November 16, 2018.

Venus makes its RETROGRADE station exactly as the US Senate votes whether or not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, after a blockbuster performance in committee. And the women watch….

NEW MOON in LIBRA (Moon @ 15 Libra 48 :: Sun 15 @ Libra 48) on October 8 @ 11:47 PM EDT
Balance is EMPOWERING – and also a challenge as powerful forces threaten the elimination (New Moon square Pluto) of opposition.
Truly, the balance of power hangs in the balance.
Within hours after the New Moon in LIBRA (justice), SCOTUS’ new Justice hears his first case.

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