Equinox & Aries New Moon 2017: Spring activation



It’s Spring! Renewal! Re-start! Welcome the light! Clean out the old, make room for the new season.
The dark, winter energy is over. We are ready to burst out into the light.



Spring Equinox
Monday, March 20, 2017
@ 6:28:38 AM EDT

New Moon in Aries
Monday, march 27, 2017
@ 10:57:13 PM EDT

SPRING EQUINOX, the return of the LIGHT. New Moon in Aries, hit the re-set and get ready for ACTION.

This is ARIES – time to ACTIVATE. Aries symbolizes the infant child, the BEGINNING, and instead of retreating, we need to find new ways to ENGAGE with the world, not just tune it out so we can feel better. Aries is the initiation, the new beginning, an evolution that asks us to go beyond our previous identity.

So why is there so much contention and discord? At this moment, some of us made others feel that they just have no place in the process. They are just not cool. Or they are “too cool” and cultural and therefore wrong. There is a disconnect here. This is the EGO at work, another function we see enlarged in Aries. Maybe it is time to look BEYOND the ego, the conditioned Self. And get back to the joy that is really who we are. As Aries begins, we are at a time of rebirth. We are ready to ACTIVATE, and with the ruler of Aries, Mars, in Taurus, we need to be active in a way we can sustain.

Aries Ruler Mars is in Taurus
Mars disposits to (in the sign of) Venus, currently Retrograde in Mars-ruled Aries (astro geek for the ruler of Mars is Venus)
This puts Venus and Mars in “mutual reception” (Mars is in Venus-ruled Aries, Mars is in Mars-ruled Taurus), giving Venus and Mars a unique relationship. They work seamlessly together and can take each other’s place. Like identical twins.

@ Equinox, Moon and Saturn are exactly conjunct – only 4 seconds of arc!
And square Chiron and Pallas. Going rogue may not take you too far. There ARE limits. Saturn!

Mars – Venus are not only in mutual reception, they are semi-sextile, a reminder we do not live in a vacuum, we live among others. We are independent, yet we are all supported by the society and people around us. We can love MORE when we remember we are all part of each other. What you see in others is what is in you, too. Whether it’s their light or their flaws. This is the EGO in charge. How you judge yourself is how you’ll see and judge others. So unless you accept yourself, you will also see others in a less than favorable light.

As we enter the new season, Jupiter and Venus are Retrograde. Love & peace & wisdom may seem to be on the retreat. But this is ARIES, and NOT the time to hide – it’s time to ACKNOWLEDGE what is happening and DO SOMETHING about it.

Venus – CHOICE . There is a choice on things like – aggression, budget, values.
What happens when you choose KIND over cruel. When you rather love and care than be aggressive.

Since Venus is Retrograde, choice may seem to recede. Love may seem to evaporate. Yet, this is the entrance of the SUN into ARIES, a REAWAKENING of our spirit, a call for bravery, strength, and getting what you want fast. We may have to fight for our values (Mars-Venus), follow our hearts, act on our love.

Jupiter is the explorer, and this is the time to EXPLORE our culture. To take action and grow by coming TOGETHER, not by retreating.

Even more compelling may be the second coming of the ongoing Jupiter-Pluto square, exact on March 30. (The first square was on Thanksgiving Day 2016, and the next and last time will be August 4, just before the TOTAL Solar Eclipse of Aug 21.)

In the week leading up to this New Moon – between Equinox and the New Moon – Mercury connected with the current long-term GRAND SQUARE (Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus-Vesta) by making a conjunction with Uranus, opposing Jupiter, squaring Pluto, and squaring Vesta. This is why so much new, newsworthy, and conflicting information has come to light. Mercury is also at the point in its Retrograde cycle (Direct after the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction) where maximum information is available. ***Mercury stations Retrograde again on April 9. This means Mercury will connect with Uranus again on April 28 (while Retrograde) and on May 10 (direct).

As i wrote in an email to a friend this week: We are in the Uranus-Mercury zone. Transiting Uranus is square the US Mercury (exact in early-mid April). And right now, Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in the sky (by transit). Things are coming to a head, even if there seems to be endless stalling and opposition. There’s a Grand Square perfecting, and Mercury connects with it this week. And we see it playing out, as information leaks and gets weirder. Mercury is conjunct Uranus (surprises), square Pluto (sleazy deals and dark money) and opposing Jupiter (stretching the truth beyond the believable), also square Vesta (can’t stick to the story). Mercury-Uranus is also a strong indicator for an independent investigation.

At Equinox, the very social Jupiter-Pluto square was made even more personal, repressive and even tyrannical by an EXACT Moon-Saturn conjunction in SAGITTARIUS, ruled by Jupiter, the enlarger. And here we have Jupiter square Pluto. Round 2.

For the first Jupiter-Pluto square on Thanksgiving Day, i posted ThanksGiving: fear and bloating
Keep in mind, this was originally written in mid November.
Here’s a synopsis:

Jupiter is still in Libra and Pluto is still in Capricorn. The balance of power is still under intense challenge, even more so at the 2nd square.

Jupiter is the planet of future-vision. And Jupiter is square Pluto, as conspiracy theories of Pluto in Capricorn block our ability to see the future and keep us mired in looking back. (Jupiter is also Retrograde at Equinox.)

Pluto is the lord of transformation. Also of death and rebirth. Something is dying, and something will be reborn. But first, there is a transformation process to GO THROUGH that cannot be sidestepped or made light of – or the rebirth will not be positive. This is serious stuff. Even serious Saturn is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. (Saturn is conjunct the MOON exactly at Spring Equinox, the Moon makes everything more personal)

The traditional reading for Jupiter-square-Pluto reads like it was ripped directly out of current headlines. Religious, moral, ethical power plays. Coercion through beliefs. Arrogance taken to extremes. No need for personal improvement or responsibility. Conflict of interests especially in finances, insurance, taxes, inheritance, corporate funding. Dishonorable achievement of power. Large undertakings without groundwork. Confused sexual morality.

Why did people choose this? Because they thought they would become more powerful, successful, win – at home and abroad (Jupiter rules travel and “the world” and abundance, success). Just reach out and the world is yours. There is little regard for insights, which has been a long time coming as evidenced in our focus on memes and annoyance with anything deeper. This is not about blame. Many of us have been overwhelmed by TOO MUCH conflicting information. We need it simplified. There is SO MUCH information that we need filters to process it. And then there’s the anger and rage at what we don’t or won’t understand, so we troll and get into our anger, more and more, opening ourselves to trolls from other countries and entities that take advantage and spread false information that is gobbled up as proof. It wouldn’t work if we weren’t open to it. It would just wash off like water.

So what were we hoping to achieve? Financial growth, more money, we thought we would win. Some of us were greedy, enough just wasn’t enough. Most were just plain scared. And that made it difficult to think beyond the moment. Perhaps we simply have to embrace the darkness that threatens and hangs impending and surrounds us. And still be thankful, grateful for just being here to witness to our time, for living our lives. Or perhaps we thought we could upend things and it would all rain down in perfect form, making everything great. Perhaps we are here to light up the darkness and now we have plenty to work with.

The Problem? This is a SQUARE of Jupiter-Pluto. That means the power we think is simply going to be ours – may not be. It may actually bring more conflict of interests that can be financial, ethical, moral, legal, and traditional. And the powerful may have little interest in anyone who is not powerful.

Rebuild infrastructure? Maybe not. There may be too much dissension and disagreement. Rebuild the economy? Not so fast – why should the rich & powerful give up anything. Rebuild international trade to benefit workers? Probably not this year.

Yet, this is a JUPITER transit. And Jupiter is hope. So there must be possibilities and potential for a positive future – even if there is a challenge.

Uranus is also part of the GRAND SQUARE. We are awakening. We are changing, all together we are entering a new awareness.

Uranus squares the US Mercury this April… Also in early April, the SUN will join URANUS and the GRAND SQUARE, shining its bright light and WAKING it UP. Mercury will station Retrograde on April 9, so Mercury will rejoin Uranus on April 28 and May 10.

In the US charts, Uranus is the star player in April 2017.

Uranus – planet of CHANGE that is beyond predictable. Transiting Uranus is square the US Mercury – a strong indicator for an independent investigation. Whatever chart you use, from the Scorpio rising, Sibley (Sagittarius rising), or 2:17 AM (Gemini rising), Mercury is 24 degrees of Cancer. That means between the beginning and middle of April, Uranus will SQUARE the US Mercury. This is a shake-up. New information changes EVERYTHING. When Uranus opposed the US Mercury in the early 1950s, we had the McCarthy hearings. When the Watergate hearings began, Uranus was square the US Mercury. When Nixon resigned (Aug 9, 1974) the square became exact. In the mid 90s, as Uranus opposed the US Mercury, Kenneth Starr was appointed as the Special Prosecutor to investigate Bill Clinton, which resulted in impeachment charges. And it’s happening again, this April: April 9 using the Sibley chart, April 10 using the Scorpio rising chart, and April 14 using the Gemini rising chart. (At the end of 2017, Uranus Direct will square Mercury for the last time.) And so a new chapter of Uranus square US Mercury beings…

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Chart for Spring Equinox (in NYC):

Chart for New Moon in Aries (in NYC):
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