New Moon in Sagittarius: tales of fight and flight


The New Moon is on December 11, 2015 @ 5:30 AM EST

Sun & Moon are conjunct @ 19 Sagittarius 02

This is a high energy New Moon!

It has some challenges, and a lot of energy that will be released. So let’s look at this New Moon…

Sun & Moon are @ 19 Sagittarius 02 (apparently together in the sky – if you could see them!)

The New Moon ruler is Jupiter, and Jupiter is square the Sun&Moon and opposing Chiron.
This puts the Sun & Moon at the focal point of a T-Square.

Here’s the kicker. Mars is opposing Uranus – in the same degree which makes it POWERFUL – and they both square —- PLUTO. This puts PLUTO at the focal point of a T-Square. That makes 2 T-Squares in this chart.

And we thought the Uranus-Pluto square was so 2015. It’s not. It won’t be absolutely exact again, but close enough (within a degree) to have a MEGA powerful effect, now and continuing through the beginning of Spring 2016. The current T-Square to Pluto (from the Uranus-Mars opposition) only makes the Uranus-Pluto square MORE powerful.

We are at a critical point in time. What we do now will make a difference – not only next year – but for years to come. We can act out of fear and close ourselves off to change, but that will make the changes all the more intense because they will have to break through more resistance.

The Sun & Moon at the focal point of the T-Square show we are emotionally unsettled. The public mood can be fluid, volatile, consistently inconsistent. People can be feeling restless for change, for something bigger, better, different. Trying to figure out the public mood can be impossible, even if you put all your mental powers to the task. Add to that the T-Square To Uranus – from Pluto and Mars – and you have a formula for unrest, stunning upsets, and swift, radical change.

Trying to make rational sense out of the public mood can be pointless because – it’s not about making sense. It’s not time to mentally dissect choices. Being rational won’t help, it’s not about facts, reason or deep thinking. It’s about emotions that can sway with the breeze or be ignited by an outspoken leader. Trying to put a logical spin on any of this can lead nowhere. And be exhausting. It’s not about what’s rational to the mind – it’s more about what the public is FEELING, even if people want what seems (to some) to be against their best interests, even against their life itself.

The T-Square to PLUTO suggests a powerful leader who sees all challengers as a threat. This leader can appear ruthless, but his outspoken rage can speak for the powerless rage the public feels in the face of the powers-that-be. Yes, this rage can be concealed and intense because it has had no voice for so long. And that can create the conditions for this leader to have HUGE power and influence over many people.

What seems like progress to some may seem like moving backwards at warp speed to others. Don’t expect consistency or logic. Expect reckless disruptions that make no sense. The pressure is mounting, the confrontations are increasingly aggressive, setting the stage for reactionary rule by a dogmatic powerhouse who can rule without constraints, creating the feeling of safety and security that people feel is lacking. Whether that is real or imaginary doesn’t matter. Again, this is not rational.

Add to this the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square that started on Thanksgiving day (really months before) and continues through the Fall of 2016. This is a pull between the conservative mindset of Saturn and the compassion of Neptune. Both will have to yield to the other, and that is not an easy conflict to resolve.

This New Moon starts a NEW cycle that can arouse emotional responses. And that’s a problem in a society that sees emotions as weakness. Sure. Emotions are scary, unpredictable, possibly upsetting. And if we can’t handle emotions – from ourselves or from others – we are not going to be able to respond calmly. We are more likely to get MORE upset. No blame! Very few of us were taught how to handle emotions.

As a society, we put ourselves in a dangerous position when we give in to our hatred and fear. We cut off our potential to grow and love, to take ourselves and our culture to the next level. Fear is a very limiting emotion. When we let fear rule, we WILLINGLY take a giant step backwards, limiting our growth and opening ourselves to even greater catastrophes. We can even help to make confrontations more violent, frequent, and likely. When we hate without conscious thought, we create more hate. And more hate. And more hate. And more anxiety. We add fuel to the fire.

When fear grows, many look for a fearless leader to make them feel secure. And many have found that, or believe they have. This is not to say there are no scary situations happening in the world. But looking for security outside of yourself can lead you into dangerous situations. Feeling safe is not easy. We are physical and that means we are vulnerable. Anything can happen to our bodies and that IS scary. But this blog is to remind us (me too!) that we are also divine beings, having a physical experience.

Our fear factor comes from our limbic brain, the oldest part of our brain. When we encounter the unknown and feel fear, our limbic brain is engaged. The instinct of “fight or flight” kicks in as hormones from the pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal glands start to respond. We seek protection from the dark forces. However, there are no guarantees here.

What can YOU do? How can you trust and lose the feeling of fear, even in this uncertain world? Gain more consciousness into your own emotional process. Honor the emotions of others, regardless if you agree or disagree. They may not seem to care about you or your feelings, but you can still tune in and care about theirs. You don’t have to give them power over your feelings. If more of us can trust our reality, we can be beacons for those who do not trust that their reality is supportive and friendly, and therefore seek to find a leader to speak their deepest most distorted fears and fantasies. Keep sharing your knowledge. Increase your own conscious awareness of your self and the world. It’s not too late. Yet.

Chart for the New Moon in Sagittarius (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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